Blake Lively Talks ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer, Confirms Her Future As A Super Villainess

Hot on the heels of the “Green Lantern” trailer exploding across the net this week, Access Hollywood caught up with Blake Lively on Wednesday in New York City for her reaction to the first glimpses of the highly anticipated live action film. Moreover, she addressed some very keen foreshadowing which could reveal a key plot point in potential sequels.

“I’m so excited,” Blake said about the reaction to the trailer for the big budget superhero film starring Ryan Reynolds, set for release on June 17, 2011. She’s also thrilled that it will be seen by countless Muggle moviegoers this weekend’s via its big screen play date with “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 1.”

“It’s pretty cool. That is a big deal for me,” Blake said, herself a beaming Harry Potter fan.

As for seeing the film itself, Blake says she’s still in the dark.

“I’m as excited to see it as anyone else,” she added. “It was such an amazing film to shoot. It’s so special because it’s a superhero movie that takes place on planet earth as well as in outer space. The playground is so much bigger,” Blake said regarding the intergalactic scope of “Green Lantern.”

“I got to play a really fun character. And I have brown hair,” she continued when describing Carol Ferris, who is both a skilled fighter pilot and the boss of Ryan’s Hal Jordan in the film.

Fans take note: the trailer squeezed in a quick shot of Blake in the cockpit of her jet with a stylized star painted on the side of her flight helmet. The star in question happens to bear a striking resemblance to the symbol of super villainess Star Sapphire. In the “Green Lantern” comic book lore, Star Sapphire is the evil super powered alter ego Carol Ferris later takes on who eventually turns against the emerald gladiator.

Blake confirmed that the major hint seen in the trailer regarding the possible future of Carol Ferris was no coincidence; instead, it was a clever inside nod to loyal fans.

“That’s the foreshadowing,” she said about the hint of the dark and evil ways that lie ahead for her in the planned “Green Lantern” sequels.

“In these superhero movies, they’re always so complex and so layered because everybody has a different identity along the way,” she hinted.

So, while it looks like Carol will stay at Green Lantern’s side in the first film, Blake seems to be in the know on what the future holds.

“So, when she’s a fighter pilot, she’s good. But she could go bad,” she said with a smile.

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