BLOG: Live From The Golden Globes Red Carpet!

All the latest updates from the red carpet of the 2010 Golden Globes in Hollywood, as the stars are braving the rain… and still looking their best!

4:48 PM — Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer breeze by.

The Globes peeps wrap all interviews…. And THEN Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz go by!!!!

Still Maria got a quick (the only!) interview with Julia!!!

That’s a rainy wrap folks!!!

More from the Dish inside the show!

4:43 PM -- Paul McCartney’s going straight inside. All of the fans in the bleachers are singing “She Loves You” to him!!!! A great moment!

Courteney Cox and David are with Maria.

Kate Hudson is with Shaun.

Seal and Heidi Klum coming to Maria now. Seal’s got the most cool ring on! Male bling that only rock stars could pull off. Seal tells Maria they’ll be cheering on their friend Shaun White at the Olympics.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were just with Shaun.

Now Colin Farrell with Shaun.

4:32 PM – Jennifer Garner with Maria - she’s in a great mood!

Mark Wahlberg just snuck by (he never does press!). Zoe Saldana on our fashion platform.

Shaun talking with Gerard Butler

30 minutes till show time!!!

4:21 PM -- Dish: I get to talk with Helen Mirren because Shaun busy with Penelope Cruz and Maria is with Anna Kendrick and Bradley Cooper! Bradley is holding an umbrella for Anna - such a gentleman.

Penelope gets a best dressed compact!

Helen tells me she LOVES the rain because she’s from London and it’s good for the skin!

4:17 PM – John Lithgow!!! With Dish! Get away Trinity killer!!!!

Taylor is with Shaun.

Mariah coming to Maria.

Morgan Freeman is with Natalie Morales next to us.

Dish: John Lithgow tells me he’s still having nightmares from “Dexter.”

Ed O’Neill tells me he friends with coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes and he’s gonna get me tix. He is sooo sweet.

4:11 PM — Tina Fey’s with Shaun. Jeff Bridges with Maria.

Here comes Taylor Lautner!!!

Dish: Mark Salling from “Glee” tells me that they shot some of the Madonna episode and one of the songs they did was “Like A Prayer” and the fact that he’s telling me this is gonna get him fired!

4:07 PM – Gabourey Sibide in emerald green. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett with Maria.

It’s POURING again now. Sophia Loren might melt.

4:01 PM -- Dish: Bill Paxton’s date is his cute daughter! She’s freaking over Taylor Lautner. I told him I’m freaking out over Clooney.

She says, “I know who that is!” Adorable.

3:57 PM -- Sandra Bullock and Fergie pass each other on our platform, both wearing purple and Sandra says to Fergie “Ohhh girlll… You did NOT wear purple!!!” They laugh together!

Josh Duhamel and Fergie doing interviews together. Soooo cute!!!

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis are with Shaun while Maria with Fergie and Josh.

3:54 PM -- Jane Krakowski with Dish now. Sofia Vergara with Shaun. Clooney coming to Maria!

3:49 PM -- Tom Ford and Julianne Moore are dates!

Eli Roth says Brad Pitt and Angelina look like the smartest celebs right now for staying home.

Mike Tyson just walked by!!!

Here comes tonight’s leading lady - Sandra Bullock!!!

3:45 PM -- Sam Worthington is with Shaun! So handsome in person! And short!

Jon Krasinski and Emily Blunt approaching!

Neil Patrick Harris too!

Dish: Ed Helms is cracking me up! He has never heard the Zac Efron ‘Hangover 2’ rumor. He says “Are you sure you have the right Zac?” (Not Galifianakis…. Who’s already in it!)

NPH to dish: “You would THINK they would’ve had a rain contingency plan today!”

3:38 PM -- Mickey Rourke just entered and photographers are going nuts for him. His girlfriend does NOT have an engagement ring on (note: previous reports that they are engaged).

The Edge is talking with Shaun (yes, of U2!)

Christina Hendricks from ‘Mad Men’ is with the Dish.

I just helped Maggie Gyllenhaal down the stairs so she wouldn’t trip. We went to college together at Columbia and she actually remembered me (I was an RA in her freshman dorm! LOL)

Dish: I just introduced myself to Christina Hendricks’ breasts.

3:30 PM -- Maggie Gyllenhaal’s with Maria at the coffee bar right now.

“Modern Family’s” Julie Bowen just told me my ‘84 Air Jordans were “the DOPEST shoes ever!” Fashion victory!!!

Dish: Julie Bowen just told me her breast pump just broke in the car.

3:27 PM — Dish: Justin Bartha just told me… when I asked him Zac Efron would be on “The Hangover 2,” he told me that was only on IMDB and IMDB is updated by a 15-year-old fat kid in his basement. But if it gets people to see ‘The Hangover 2,’ he’s in. So, with that logic, Robert Pattinson will be in it too! And Will Smith! LOL

3:24 PM -- Lauren Graham is with Shaun. Here comes Jane Lynch!!!!

Carey Mulligan looks adorable after chatting with Shaun.

3:22 PM -- Alexander Skarsgard is standing on a lower step so that he doesn’t tower over me. Such a gentleman! And he’s holding the umbrella for me! Loves! And he complemented my dress.

Glenn Close is talking with Maria right now.

Nelsan Ellis from “True Blood” here now! I feel like we’ve talked with almost the whole cast now!

3:13 PM – Dish: Ty is drinking espresso with me right now. He is the best - so funny. They couldn’t bring any dates with them so all of their dates are watching at a restaurant together and they’re gonna meet up after. Too cute!

Jane Adams from “Hung” is talking with me next. Love that show. Chace Crawford is here looking very dapper and chatting with Maria now.

3:03 PM — Jessalyn Gilsig and Jayma Mays from “Glee” look STUNNING tonight. Watch for their dresses! They’re with Shaun right now.

3:01 PM — Lee Daniels is here, the director of “Precious” talking with Shaun. He’s sporting a “Shaft” goatee tonight - it looks pretty bada-s.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family” here now. They are the show du jour cast tonight, along with the “Glee” kids. Jesse says a bird pooped on him today, and he was “paparazzi’d” for the first time today and so it must be an omen.

Dish: Jesse is singing “Summer Lovin’” from “Grease” with me - so random!!! Tells me that Judy Greer and Minnie Driver are guest-starring soon.

2:53 PM -- Cory Montieth from “Glee” talking with Access’ Shaun Robinson while Ryan Kwanten from “True Blood” (his Aussie accent is so surprising if you only know him from the show!) is with the’s Laura “Dish of Salt” Saltman. Dish is trying to get Season 3 scoop!

Dish: He says they’re halfway through Episode 2 of Season 3 and he told me Jason Stackhouse is gonna get a new love interest!

2:47 PM – Access’ Maria Menounos showed up in a red one-shoulder number tonight matching the carpet! She’s also so stunning tonight. “Today’s” Natalie Morales is in front of our booth prepping for the pre-show.

2:40 PM -- Next up, Michael Emerson from “Lost” and wife Carrie Preston from “True Blood.” Ahhh, Ben Linus get away from me! Just kidding! We’re all the biggest fans of both their shows!!!

2:37 PM — First on carpet - “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet! He’s so funny on that show (Fizzbo!) And all of the Access staff is excited to see him!

The Dish looks stunning in Grecian aqua and Shaun is in ravishing purple

2:32 PM PST -- Oh it just started POURING and the carpet is NOT tented. Now THIS should be a good show!

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