Blogging Inside The Globes

8:11 PM — The interesting thing about the stars having those best seats in the house-- it takes forever to get from that front section to those two double doors in back of room. As we are on the aisle — the stargazing is intense — even for us seasoned pros.

7:28 PM — Colin Farrell is a big surprise in this room. You can feel the vibe. I feel like this one was up in the air - and many thought it would be Dustin Hoffman.

Spielberg, for him ALL were quiet and enjoyed his speech. One of the rare few times tonight that the whole room can hear a speech.

They just announced that we are back - but for some reason most of this room is still standing. Frustrating.

7:22 PM — Brad and Angelina are standing in the back… right next to us. They are very touchy feely and comfy together as he holds a Heineken bottle.

Frank Langella gets Brad’s attention and a warm hug and conversation ensues. Very genuine.

Robert Downey Jr. walks by. They miss him.

Gerard Butler and Kyra Sedwick are talking it up.

Back to Brad and Ang — Zac, Vanessa and Megan Fox walk and talk together and notice Bragelina passing.

6:03 PM — Anne Hathaway waits standing in back of room. All 3 Jonas boys are standing behind her. When Heath gets his standing O, Anne and the J-boys get the green light to quickly walk back to their seats.

5:41 PM – It’s a rowdy crowd in here. Ricky Gervais is the 2nd one to try and ssssshhh us all in here.

There seems to be an odd mad dash – some are dashing for food (as all of it was taken about before showtime) — some dash for the bar, some are takingsmoke breaks and heading to the bathroom.

There’s constant movement in the back half of the room. It’s wild.

5:29 PM — Colin Farrell just took his first smoke break.

Tom Hanks walked by our Access Hollywood table and saw the 316 sign (our table #) and started chanting, “316, 316” with all of us. Cute.

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