Blogging The Globes Red Carpet (Dish Of Salt)

4:59 PM -- It looks like Salma Hayek is the last to arrive but as she poses for photographers, Heidi Klum and Seal come sidling up from the wrong direction.

4:57 PM -- Tom Cruise is among the last to arrive. Security is literally pushing him along as Shaun grabs an interview with him. At the same time, Robert Downey Jr. is able to dodge doing interviews completely.

4:56 PM -- Gerard Butler (my new crush despite his womanizer reputation) smiles at me as he walks by and tells me, “great stance” about how I’m standing with one leg crossed on top of the other on the stairs.

4:55 PM — Tom Hanks finishes up an interview with Billy and then jokes to Shaun as she kisses someone hello, “That was such a fake kiss!”

4:54 PM -- Sting hangs right outside our platform and chats with Dustin Hoffman.

4:53 PM — Neil Patrick Harris arrives very late but considering he just did “Saturday Night Live” last night, we’ll cut him so slack (The Broadway skit was hysterical!).

4:52 PM — Security is having a conniption fit trying to get the last few stars into the hotel, such as Renee Zellweger.

4:50 PM — Cameron Diaz is hard to miss in her pink dress and bright red lips.

4:40 PM — Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore arrive. Demi looks incredible and not a day older than when I first met her on a red carpet twelve years ago!

4:35 PM — First time nominee January Jones from “Mad Men” says she is terrified tonight because she hates speaking in public.

4:30 PM — Brad Pitt talks to Billy Bush while Angelina Jolie hangs back and chats with Catherine Keener.

4:28 PM -- Blind item: I notice that the girlfriend of a certain nominee has a noticeable baby bump. When asked about if they are ready to start a family they say, “not yet.” We’ll see in a couple months how true that is!

4:25 PM -- I tell Tom Wilkinson he is a shoo-in to win for HBO’s “John Adams.” He says he actually hasn’t watched the series.

4:20 PM -- “Weeds’” Mary Louise Parker tells me it took her three hours to get ready for the night mostly because she was busy doing other things while her team tried to get her ready.

4:18 PM -- The always fashion fabulous Eva Mendes looks stunning in a creme colored Dior dress. She says her turquoise and diamond necklace is a vintage 1974 Van Cleef and Arpels, “Its just a little something. Just a little bling.”

4:15 PM -- Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony hit the red carpet but avoid talking to any press.

4:12 PM — Shaun flips out when she notices Drew Barrymore (in John Galliano) has her tongue pierced. Drew says it’s for a film.

4:08 PM — Rainn Wilson from “The Office” gives me more scoop about the Andy/Dwight duel. Thanks to Jenna Fischer for the tip! He says every type of blunt instrument will be used in the duel. “Beets” I ask? “Yes beets thrown from ten feet away”, he jokes (I think!).

4:05 PM -- “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” star Julia Ormond takes a ride on our elevator lift. When she comes down her publicist remarks, “You just like dropped — where did you go?”

4:03 PM -- David Duchovny tells Shaun that Tea Leoni is at home in New York with the kids. She tells him he doesn’t look like he has been through the ringer. He says, “Well looks can be deceiving. It’s been a tough year.”

4:02 PM -- “True Blood’s” Anna Paquin gives a friendly wave to “Brothers and Sisters’” Rachel Griffiths even though they are nominated in the same category.

4:01 PM -- I hang with the new Kirk and Spock, Chris Pine and Zach Quinto, who tell me all about the experience of filming the new “Star Trek.” I get the feeling they are getting tired of being asked about Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner’s reaction!

4:00 PM -- Tracy Morgan from “30 Rock” tells me they won’t tell him about any upcoming guest stars because he can’t keep a secret.

3:59 PM — Miley Cyrus tells Shaun her dad gave approval for her dress tonight. She says she hasn’t had a chance to talk to her “Bolt” co-star John Travolta. It’s a private time for him and she wants to give him time.

3:54 PM — Eva Longoria Parker takes her clip-on diamond earring off to show Billy. Eva’s hair is in a bun and you can see a tattoo behind her neck. Shaun Robinson and I try to decipher what she is saying.

3:46 PM — Nominee Tony Shaloub from “Monk” tells me he is tired of just being a nominee. He wants to win tonight!

3:44 PM — Billy compares hair with “The Mentalist’s” Simon Baker. Just as they start talking Alec Baldwin comes up and interrupts and says to Simon, “When you wear this kind of suit you gotta look like that!” Simon, I think realizing Alec is the bigger star, politely excuses himself, “I’ll leave you here.” Awkward!

3:40 PM — Jenna Fisher from “The Office “tells me the big “Superbowl” episode of “The Office” is called “Stress Relief” and it’s about Michael trying to find different ways for the staff to relieve stress. She also reveals that in this week’s episode Andy will find out about Dwight and Angela and they will “duel” old school style!

3:35 PM – Stephen Moyer from “True Blood” admits he is a Golden Globe virgin, “that’s about the only type of virgin I’ve been in a long time.” He says filming on season two of the series began this week and that they will pick up right where they left off in the season finale. He also says now that the show is a hit he can’t go out in his hometown of London without being recognized.

3:29 PM — “House’s” Olivia Wilde, stunning in lavender Reem Acra, tells me all about working on the film “Tron 2.” Jeff Bridges from the original will make an appearance. Her co-star Jesse Spencer tells me he ditched his limo and ran across Wilshire Blvd because the line of limos was too long to get him in. The cops were yelling at him the whole time.

3:20 PM — Nominee Kevin Connolly from “Entourage” is the first brave celeb to ride our Golden Globe elevator.

3:10 PM — Nominee Jonathan Rhys Myers is our first interview up at the Access Hollywood platform for the night. He tells us, “it’s nice to come and join the circus!”

3:08 PM – Lisa Edelstein from “House” poses for photos in a black dress. People walking by continually step on her chiffon train while she continues to smile. The fans in the bleachers scream out that they love her. She turns and yells, “I love you too!” Her co-star Jennifer Morrison arrives minutes later stunning a strapless royal blue dress.

3:01 PM — Ricky Gervais breezes in and most of the press doesn’t notice.

3:00 PM — The red carpet has officially opened. Creed and Merideth from “The Office” are the first to arrive.

2:45 PM — The red carpet is getting underway with TV Guide Channel Hosts Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone the first to hit the red carpet. Minutes later “Dancing With the Stars” champ Brooke Burke arrives to get mic’d up for the live pre-show which she is hosting with our Nancy O’Dell.

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