Body After Baby: Emmy Bootcamp — 10 Days To Get Red-Carpet Ready!

Four-and-a-half months ago, I embarked on a new journey when my son Brenner was born.

When it was time to return from maternity leave I hadn’t quite gotten back to my pre-pregnancy size. I only gained 24 pounds due to my son having something called IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction). He was born weighing just five pounds.

He’s perfect now, fortunately, with no lasting effects from the IUGR.

Within two weeks, I had lost 15 pounds and within a month — five more. However, the last four pounds have been hanging around the midsection now for three months.

With the Emmy’s coming up in 10 days, I needed to do something drastic to make sure I can fit into one of those fabulous designer dresses. Not to mention that carrying around all that extra belly fat is bad for your health and my closet full of jeans that still don’t fit.

I’m not here to complain like I have all this baby weight to shed, but I would like to tighten and tone where everything has been redistributed.

So, with the help of, we have teamed up with the best celebrity nutritionist and trainers for a series we are calling “Body After Baby: Emmy Bootcamp.”

Once we came up with the idea, I wanted to take it one step further since weight issues are not the only post-pregnancy issues that arise for new moms.

Did you know your hair falls out after you have the baby? Or that you can’t use things like Retinol on your face during pregnancy? So, in addition, I went to the best dermatologists, aestheticians and hair stylists for some pre-Emmy help.

Our series launches today and each day leading up to the Emmys you can watch my journey to the big night.

Here’s what we will be talking about each day…

Day One - Nutritionist Keri Glassman comes to my house to purge my cabinets and fridge of any diet no no’s.

Day Two - Trainer Mike Michels, who has worked with Ashton Kutcher and Tobey Maguire, helps create a backyard workout using his signature Athletic Body Training system.

Day Three - “Dancing with the Stars” professional Louis Van Amstel will help boost my sagging energy with his La Blast dance class.

Day Four - Aesthetician Kate Somerville, who helps Kate Hudson and Demi Moore with their gorgeous glows, will help me with my dull, dehydrated skin with her signature Derma Quench treatment, a free service available at Neiman Marcus.

Day Five - Jennifer Lopez had help losing her baby weight after the twins by using Freshology, a fresh, all natural meal delivery service. I’ll visit their kitchens.

Day Six - Kim Kardashian suffers from the auto immune disease Psoriasis, which I suffer from as well. Kim’s dermatologist Dr. Lancer will help me clear up a really bad post pregnancy breakout.

Day Seven - Prenatal vitamins and hormones help keep the hair looking full and lustrous during pregnancy. Afterwards, those flowing locks all start to fall out. I’ll be hitting up Warren Tricomi salon to show how to hide the fallout.

Day Eight - Time to pick the dress! Designer David Meister, who is designing Emmy host Jane Lynch’s gowns, will help me pick out my gown and discuss how to hide the problem areas.

Day Nine - It’s all about arms, arms, arms with just two days left. I’ll hit up Equinox gym for the ultimate arm workout, a new class called Pound which uses drum sticks.

Day Ten - Anyone who knows me knows I am a sunscreen addict, but a little glow looks glam on Emmy Day. So I’ll get a last minute spray tan boost with Sunkissed.

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