Brad Renfro Warned Of Perils Of Drugs In ‘Last’ Interview

It’s been one month since actor Brad Renfro died of a heroin overdose and only now, his last interview is being made public.

In his last known interview, with Portable Hollywood, a cell phone entertainment content provider, just a month before his death, Renfro, looking bloated and older than his 25 years, almost prophetically warned about the woes of growing up in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t able to traverse through things like that and come out on the other side you know, and a lot of people don’t make it. They don’t live through it,” he said.

Renfro even had advice for newcomers.

“I would tell them to stay them to stay the hell away from the party scene,” he said.

Ironically, that was the same message a 16-year-old Renfro shared with Access Hollywood 10 years ago, after his first drug arrest.

“My message to anyone out there who’s never done drugs — is to never do them,” he said.

Tragically, Brad never learned his own lesson. After years of struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, including more arrests, like one during an undercover drug raid on LA’s Skid Row in 2005, Renfro died in his LA home on January 15, 2008 from an accidental heroin overdose.

Shortly after Renfro’s death, his obituary revealed a shocking secret – a son, referred to only as Y. Renfro.

The four-year-old, reportedly named Yamato, lives in Japan with his mother and did not attend his father’s Knoxville Tennessee funeral.

Neither did Joanne Renfro. The grandmother who raised him was too sick to go.

In a sad twist of fate, Joanne also passed away, just two weeks after her beloved grandson.

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