Britney’s Baby’s First Day!

(September 13, 2006) — Yesterday, Access Hollywood was the only show to get confirmation that Britney Spears had delivered her second son, thanks to a phone call from her father, and proud grandpa, Jamie Spears.

Access also spotted new big brother Sean Preston peering out the window of his mother?s VIP suite at Beverly Hills? Cedar Sinai Medical Center - reportedly the same $1800 a day suite used by Madonna and Denise Richards when they gave birth to their children. Britney allegedly checked in late Monday night under the name ?Pebbles Flair.?

Access has confirmed the following details:

- The child has dark curly hair- He weighs 6 lbs, 11 ounces, and is 19 inches long- Britney and Kevin are undecided on a name, but they’re toying with names with the letter “J”- Most of the combinations of names they came up with had the middle name ?James? (yes, also J)

One report claims that the boy has been named Sutton Pierce Federline, which would give him the same initials as his brother.

Meanwhile, Sean Preston started walking this week and is feeling couped up in the hospital.

Sean and his new brother were both born within one calendar year, 363 days apart. Will this raise any issues in the Federline home? Dr. Gail Saltz of New York Presbyterian Hospital says it could affect Britney and Kevin?s love life.

?If you’re being touched all day long and you’re being clung to and held, that satisfies a lot of your touching needs as a mom, and a lot of moms have less desire for sex.?

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