Bryan Greenberg Talks Playing ‘The Most Awkward Version Of Myself’ & His Return To HBO

Bryan Greenberg may play a cool character in HBO’s new series “How To Make It In America,” but for the indie film “The Good Guy,” he had to take a different tack.

“I just tried to play the most awkward version of myself,” he told of his role as Wall Street newcomer Daniel in the film, due on February 19. “I think Daniel just wasn’t blessed with the social talents.”

In one scene, he approaches two women in a bar – only to wind up asking for a napkin instead of their numbers, a scene that he admitted was more true to life.

“I’m pretty good with talking to girls if I have an introduction, but I’m the worst at trying to go pick up a girl,” the former “October Road” and “One Tree Hill” star said. “I’m really bad at breaking the ice. It’s awkward! It’s this weird position that the male species is forced into from society. Girls have it [hard] in a lot of ways… they have to bear children… but guys usually have the responsibility of breaking the ice.”

To step into the role, Bryan said he went a little method.

“When I was shooting the film, I didn’t choose to stay downtown with the rest of the cast, I stayed uptown. I just didn’t want anyone to stay too comfortable around me, or vice versa,” he said. “It was new for me. I’m not a method actor [but] I [do] try to live in the character’s world a little bit.”

That character, he added, is “a very extreme contrast from the character I’m playing in ‘How To Make It In America’” – his new HBO comedy, where he plays Ben Epstein, a man trying to make it in New York’s fashion scene.

“It’s so good to be back” with HBO, Bryan said. “I did ‘Unscripted’ a couple years ago [with them]. They let you take risks.”

With all of his new work, fans of his “One Tree Hill” days may be wondering when the sometime-musician will be showing off his singer-songwriter skills once more.

“I’ve got a bunch of new songs,” Bryan said. “[But] I broke my wrist.”

When his cast comes off, he said, he’ll be heading for the studio – and looking forward to debuting his mellow musical side.

“I’m definitely a singer-songwriter,” he said. “I’m somewhere in the vein between Elliott Smith and Jack Johnson.”

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