‘Burning Love’ Season 3 Photos (Access Exclusive First Look)

“Burning Love” returns with an all-new season, “Burning Down The House,” on Friday and Access Hollywood has exclusive photos from the side-splitting Internet series’ new season!

Fan favorites from seasons past (along with a sprinkle of newcomers) will return to the mansion come Friday on the “Bachelor” spoof, but this time, instead of searching for true love – meaningfully represented by either a hose or a box — the cast will be competing for an incredible cash prize of $900. Yes, $900 (somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 after taxes).

With a staggering handful of hundred dollar bills on the line, the group will compete in appropriately dumbed-down versions of “Bachelor Pad”-esque challenges under the watchful eye of “Burning Love’s” esteemed host, Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black).

Leading the charge are Season 1 and 2 lovebirds Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) and Julie Gristlewhite (June Diane Raphael), whose now-engaged love flame faces the threat of being extinguished. Winds of shady alliances and wandering eyes will shake the pair’s foundation to its core (which is to be expected with such a mind-blowing wad of cash on the line).

PHOTO: Newly-engaged couple Mark Orlando and Julie Gristlewhite take a break from ‘Burning Down The House’

Pants-less Haley (Natasha Leggero) is back — though viewers may not recognize her as she is now Formerly-Pants-less Haley — along with elusive bad boy Blaze (“Veronica Mars,” “Party Down” star Ryan Hansen) and lady-loving Carly (Janet Varney).

And, we can hardly contain our excitement over the following three words: Lexie is back! The “potentially dangerous,” obsessive District Attorney (played by Beth Dover) returns to the mansion in pursuit of the $900 and, of course, a new (unrequited) love interest. Is she on her meds? Off her meds? Only time — and the severity of self-inflicted wounds on her body (paired with the intensity/frequency of her crazy eyes) — will tell.

PHOTO: Lexie chats up Noah, Mark and Blaze on ‘Burning Down The House’

Doting dad/BDSM practioner Alex (Joe Lo Truglio) is back in the mix, as well as perfect teacher/Season 1 runner-up Annie (Abigail Spencer) and Symphony (Christine Taylor), the regretful wife of “Burning Love’s” Joe Rutherford (Ben Stiller).

Also returning are self-appointed Prince Simon (Rob Huebel), Agnes’ twin sister Virginia (Helen Slayton-Hughes), English language-challenged Zakir (Kumail Nanjiani) and new mom Vivian (Morgan Walsh).

New competitors include Southern belle Bevarly, hilariously played by Leslie Bibb (“GCB,” “Iron Man”). With her disarming down-home drawl, Bevarly quickly wins over the mansion’s men, but will she make enemies of the ladies by her constant pursuit of male “FREEends”? (That’s Bevarly-speak for “friends.” Now you know.)

PHOTO: Mark Orlando impresses Bevarly with his meatball-eating abilities on ‘Burning Down The House’

Also new to the mansion are Noah (Alex Anfanger) — a virgin, hottie Felicia (Carly Craig) and a “Burning Love” superfan (Armen Weitzman).

Another new twist sure to excite “Burning Love” fans is the ever-evolving style of Bill Tundle. As seen in the extended “Burning Down The House” trailer, the formerly-formal host is giving his “civilian” clothes a shot for this new season.

Ditching his suit and tie for fashion-forward pieces, the host sports a variety of new looks including a colorful tie-dyed tee, a happy trail-exposing cut-off jersey paired with too-tight shorts, as well as a head-to-toe equestrian get-up.

PHOTO: ‘Burning Down The House’s’ Bill Tundle rocking his best “Seabiscuit” jockey look, with a half-xylophone

And of course, we’re looking forward to the guest stars.

Seasons 1 and 2 were peppered with appearances by Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, “Parks and Recreation’s” Adam Scott, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, “The Hangover” funny man Ken Jeong (in drag, no less), Michael Cera, Rebecca Romijn, Colin Hanks, real-life “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka and a host of other famous faces. So, we assume Season 3 will deliver on the cameo-front as well.

AccessHollywood.com has seen a good portion of the new episodes and while we can’t say much, we can tell you with booty-shorted authority that there will be an appearance by the always hilarious Thomas Lennon (we bow to “Reno 911’s” Lt. Dangle).

So many questions remain for “Burning Love’s” third season. Will Blaze have to bounce? Will Lexie shank a sleeping rival? Will Simon learn to read? How many words will confuse Mark? Will Zakir/Zach’s language barrier keep him from the prize? How will Carly attempt to lure one-time lesbian Julie back from the big-bicepped clutches of firefighter Mark?

PHOTOS: ‘Burning Love: Burning Down The House’ — Scenes & Stars

For the answer to these burning questions and more, head over to Yahoo! Screen beginning on Friday, April 12, where “Burning Love: Burning Down the House” will launch with three new episodes! Starting Monday, April 15 (following Friday’s premiere), one new episode will be posted daily, Monday through Friday.

If you’re new to “Burning Love,” it’s not too late to catch all of “Damaged Darling” Julie Gristlewhite’s Season 2 – it’s still available for viewing on Yahoo!.

“Burning Love” – which began as a Yahoo! Screen original web series and was picked up for TV by E! — is executive produced by Ben Stiller.

Ken Marino directs (and stars), while his wife, Erica Oyama, pens the parody.

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