Busy Philipps’ Recipe For Healthy Kids!


Since welcoming her second child in July, Busy Philipps has been busy juggling her home life and career. The “Cougartown” actress takes her mommy duties very seriously, especially when it comes to feeding her two daughters.

She reveals to Healthy Hollywood she made her now five year old daughter, Birdie’s baby food. “When Birdie was a baby it was hard to find organic, minimally processed baby food. There were only a few companies and it was expensive so because of that I made all of her baby food. My husband and I got into this habit of going every Sunday to the farmer’s market and getting the freshest fruits and vegetables.”

As a result, Busy tells me Birdie has grown up to be a healthy eater, adding, “Birdie developed such a good taste for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. She’s the five year old who doesn’t just eat white foods, she eats everything. And, the other thing, I am most proud of with eating is that she will try everything, even if she doesn’t like it, I’m ok because she tried it.”

Now, with Birdie’s younger sister, Cricket, Busy say she’s noticed the baby food industry has a lot more healthy options and the good stuff isn’t all super expensive. But, she still tries to give her baby’s meals a homemade touch, adding, “I try to think of things I would want to eat and make it mashable.”

With two kids, Busy says she’s also dealing with a lot more messy moments. So, it makes sense she’s teamed up with Clorox to launch their “messiest moments campaign.”

And, Busy admits she’s a challenged in the stay clean department. “I am the clumsiest person ever. My husband is constantly making fun of me. I always have something on the front of my shirt or something on the side of my cheek that I didn’t notice all night. I am that person.”

-- Terri MacLeod

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