Cameron Diaz’s Passion For Living Well! (Healthy Hollywood)

Healthy Hollywood has a major girl crush on Cameron Diaz. Yup! I said it!

She’s super sweet, down-to-earth and in crazy good shape. Yet, above all, she’s got a passion for all things wellness just like me!

I interviewed the actress the other day about her healthy living book, “The Body Book,” and I felt like I met a kindred spirit on the wellness front. Unlike other celebrities who are out there promoting juicing, fitness or slapping their names on wellness books they didn’t write or could care less about — Cameron is the real deal.

She spent over two years working on this project and is super enthusiastic about nutrition and fitness. As a fellow wellness junkie, I can tell who’s into it and who’s just cashing a check. Cameron wants to keep on learning, as well as pass on healthy living information to others. I totally get it and love it!

“I really thought we spend so much time comparing ourselves to other women and trying to reach somebody else’s optimum. Why aren’t we concentrating on achieving our own optimum? And, the only way we can do that is by having the information about how our body works. That knowledge helps us make informed choices all day long, every day that we are trying to achieve that goal of being out best,” Cameron tells Healthy Hollywood.

Cameron got inspired to write “The Body Book” to empower women to take control of their health. After all, we women, spend way too much time putting ourselves down, instead of learning to love and take care of the body we’ve been given.

“I feel like if a woman wasn’t taking all of this negative energy of hating herself and being confused by her body that instead of putting that energy into herself in negative way, she would be able to, with an understanding of her body and how it works, be able to take that energy and move it out into the world in a positive way and do great things in the world,” she adds.

At 41, Cameron is comfortable in her skin and isn’t one of those actresses trying to hide from the inevitable aging factor. She admits to being a reformed fast food junkie and that she didn’t always take care of herself. In fact, she says the “more mature” Cameron is a lot healthier than her 21-year-old self.

“I was literally sick. My energy was bad, my skin was terrible and I was nothing. When I see pictures of that person I’m like, ‘Oh, interesting.’ You know what I mean? I’m young, yes, but I’m very also very much, I can see it in my own body that I wasn’t taking care of myself,” Cameron explains.

Cameron reveals it wasn’t until she got into major shape to do the 2000 action film, “Charlie’s Angels” that she started to take care of herself, revealing, “From then on out, I just said I’m never going to not have this, possess this ability to connect it to my body and make it as powerful as I want it to be. And, as I went through that journey, since then nutrition has become a major factor.”

The star’s book is incredibly thorough and is packed with sound nutritional advice that’s accessible.

“What I learned is that in the equation of health, nutrition is 90 percent of it. If you’re going to do anything to be healthy, what you have to do is eat the proper nutrition. And, I’ll never say diet. Diet to me means deprivation,” Cameron says. “People tell you what you can’t have and what you shouldn’t do and what you shouldn’t eat, and nutrition is about abundance. To get good nutrition you actually have to eat a lot. I focus on what nutrients my body needs. And, that’s why this book focuses on as well. It helps women make decisions, not based on what they can’t have, but on what they should have.”

Healthy Hollywood gives Cameron and her wealth of wellness goodies book two thumbs way up!

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