Carrie Prejean Inspires Flare-Up On ‘The View’

The ladies of “The View” heated up on Thursday morning over Carrie Prejean’s controversial appearance on “Larry King Live,” where the former pageant queen took off her microphone and threatened to walk off the show after he asked why she settled a lawsuit with the Miss California Organization.

“He just wanted to know, ‘Why did you settle [your lawsuit]?’ That would not be illegal to do that,” Joy Behar said, as Elisabeth Hasselbeck defended Carrie.

“You don’t know what her [legal] counsel is telling her,” Elisabeth said.

“There are some things you can’t discuss about the case – but the case was settled,” Whoopi Goldberg broke in. “He was full within his rights when you go on a Larry King kind of show. She could’ve said, ‘You know what Larry, I really don’t want to talk about that.”

“Be fair to her,” Elisabeth continued.

However, Whoopi felt that Carrie wasn’t being fair.

“We had her on the show, we asked legitimate questions. And maybe they were not the most comfortable, but she was a little bitchy, I have to say.” Whoopi said. “I’m a little cranky at her.”

“I think what she is experiencing is a little backlash… and she is fighting for her life at this point,” Elisabeth shot back. “People are attacking her in every single way.”

But Joy added that it was Carrie – who appeared on “Larry King Live” with her new book, “Still Standing,” in hand – who was putting herself in the public eye.

“She’s the one who put herself out there, she didn’t have to write the book,” Joy said. “When you write a book, that’s what happens… She can go into hiding, nobody would care.”

And it was this comment from Joy that stirred further emotion from Elisabeth.

“Why do you hate her so much?” Elisabeth said to Joy.

“I don’t hate her, I hate hypocrisy,” Joy said. “I don’t hate her, Elisabeth.”

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