Celebrities React To The Presidential Debate

President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney battled it out in a town hall format debate last night, and the stars were watching and eagerly weighing in on the evening via Twitter.

Among the hottest topics of the evening’s debate was Romney’s comment about seeking out female employees, where he referenced “binders full of women.”

Here’s what the stars had to say about the debate:

Ellen DeGeneres: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes! I guess the Hollywood Foreign Press found a binder.

will.i.am: This debate is wasting everyones time…we are knee deep in s**t and no plan has been presented by romney

Donald Trump: ‏ Obama talks about what he is going to do--why the hell didn’t he just do it, especially in the first 2 years when he had all votes necessary. Obama at big debate disadvantage--he just can’t get away from his bad record.

Molly Ringwald: I’m going to the gym. Do I stay in my binder or get back in when I return?#confused

George Takei:‏ I admit, I’ve never had a binder full of women either.

Mia Farrow: a little sluggish squeezing out of my binder this morning #debatehangover

Michael Ian Black: The “binder full of women” is nothing new. How do you think I found my Filipina wife/housekeeper?

Carson Daly: This debate has #SNL all over it already. 45 seconds in.

Sarah Silverman: Fight!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Why is Barack Obama eagerly taking responsibility for past 4 years in Iraq and Afghanistan-but NONE for past 4 yrs here!?! #hmm Under Barack Obama -More women out of work. More women in poverty. More women cannot get full time jobs. #waronwomen is led by him

Patricia Heaton: Both #Romney and the president bringing their A Game!

Anderson Cooper: Very different presidential debate tonight. Much more on point #Obama, #Romney on point as well.

Sherri Shepherd: My stomach is in knots… Romney & Obama are going there

Piers Morgan: This is brilliant – they’re going to start hitting each other any minute now.

Kate Walsh: I feel like I’m in mitts kitchen and i got home past my curfew…dads pissed!

Bill Maher: Batman style graphics should be popping up: POW! SLAM!

Bethenny Frankel: .MittRomney is about to throw down. barack obama gave him that look. Can you imagine if they could really use the words they want?

Elizabeth Banks: Romney really dislikes birds, Big and other.

Ryan Seacrest: Candy Crowley holding the reins tight tonight…no shenanigans in her house.

Andy Cohen: Candy Crowley’s hair is PERFECT!

Joy Behar: Candy follows up. Love a rule breaker with great hair

Ian Somerhalder: Why should middle-aged men decide women’s healthcare?

JWoww: This debate is making my eyes bleed

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Obama is a trillion percent pissed!

Dane Cook: Dear everyone in the town hall #debate. Stop reading your questions off your cards like its a hostage note.

Stephen Colbert: I predict tonight’s debate has a DRAMATIC impact on predictions for the next debate.

Zooey Deschanel: Tonight’s episode of #newgirl will be a presidential debate. It’s going to be zany and hilarious and much longer than a normal episode.

John Legend: That’s the President I voted for. And will vote for again.

Katie Couric: Not crazy about this format. Unruly and hard to folo.

Whoopi Goldberg: BAM he was not playing with mitt, and I belive THAT was true Bitchslapping!!!BAM

Arsenio Hall: I’d love to be in the comedy war room, with the SNL writers right now.

Samantha Ronson: I feel like I’m in a room with my parents while they fight super quietly.

Nicky Hilton: This debate is fiesty!

Ivanka Trump: Both the #President and #Governor ended strongly.

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