‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Contestants Talk Donald Trump’s Possible Presidential Bid; Donald Trump Jr. Praises His Father’s Political Abilities

He may be their temporary boss in the boardroom, but would Donald Trump earn his “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants’ votes in a bid for President of the United States?

Access Hollywood caught up with a few of The Donald’s onscreen employees – and it seems the verdict is still out.

“Everybody knows that I’m a Democrat… if [Donald] is changing parties, then let me hear what he’s got to say,” Star Jones told Access Hollywood at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ “Celebrity Apprentice” event in New York City on Tuesday, when asked if she’d vote for Donald for U.S. President.

“Honestly, I think that no one would expect me to agree with a potential Republican candidate unless he spoke to my issues and I have not heard that,” Star continued. “Friends disagree all the time, and we disagree on this.”

Country superstar John Rich was indecisive, but jokingly said he’d “think about” giving Donald his vote on one condition – that the real estate mogul doesn’t “fire” him from “Apprentice”!

“I think [Donald] definitely brings an excitement to the race. I hope he does run. I want to hear him in a debate,” John told Access. “I think the best resume you can have would be your kids – and he has incredible kids. So, that’s a big plus for me.”

Actress/“Dancing with the Stars” alum Marlee Matlin said she respects anyone who’s willing to take on the “tough job” of Commander in Chief, while singer Meatloaf said he hasn’t heard enough of Donald’s political rhetoric to make an informed decision at this time.

“I’m not going to say [Donald for President] is a good idea until – well, I like what he’s been saying so far – until I hear everything,” Meatloaf explained. “I don’t care who it is, as long as they make changes.”

One vote Donald can most assuredly count on is that of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

“I think it’s a great idea. I think our political system is so flawed,” Donald Trump Jr. told Access of his dad’s possible political aspirations. “You have people who’ve done nothing in their lives other than be politicians. They get elected and their only next job is to get re-elected and re-elected and re-elected. They don’t do anything. They come up with sound bites so that they can get re-elected… it’s just a mess.”

Additionally, Donald Jr. said that because his father is independently wealthy, he would not be held hostage by the political wishes of campaign donors, and would therefore be free to act quickly and decisively to correct America’s current economical woes.

“He doesn’t have anyone to cater to. He doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s a**, so to speak,” Donald Jr. told Access. “He says what’s right. An ordinary politician can’t say that because they’re going to offend one person in their constituency.”

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