Channing Tatum: ’22 Jump Street’ Ad-Libbing Like ‘Recess’

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill head back to school – college this time – for “22 Jump Street.” But, filming the movie was like recess with the amount of ad-libbing Channing got to do.

“I mean it was a lot,” Channing told Access Hollywood at his film’s New York City premiere on Wednesday night. “But, truth be told, the directors and Jonah and Rodney [Rothman, who is part of the film’s screenplay team], they’re all great writers and they wrote a lot for the movie and then, all of a sudden, you get on set and do what’s like, written and then you just have free-for-all time.

“It’s like recess in a way and you just go crazy,” Channing said. “Some things land and some things don’t and then it’s really for [Directors] Chris [Miller] and Phil [Lord] to like carve out later.”

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“22 Jump Street” is, of course, the sequel to 2012’s box office hit, “21 Jump Street.” But would the guys be up for another installment?

“I don’t know,” Channing told Access. “The easy answer is this — it felt very natural to do the second one.

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“Someone’s gotta come up with a great idea for the third one,” he continued. “After high school you go to college and I don’t know what’s after college, so, you know, we’ll see.”

“22 Jump Street” opens June 13 in theaters.

-- Jolie Lash

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