Channing Tatum Talks ’22 Jump Street’ Stunts; Clarifies ‘Alcoholic’ Comment

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back in action as Jenko and Schmidt in “22 Jump Street,” and Channing says the “21 Jump Street” sequel is jam-packed with even more stunts – something the actor accidentally set up during their first go-round.

“What’s really funny is on the first film, day one, like, stunt one, we have to do this dive over this couch and I go and do this crazy dive, and I’m expecting Jonah to do the same thing and then Jonah just like runs up to it and walks around it,” Channing told Access Hollywood with a laugh at the “22 Jump Street” junket. “And immediately, right there, I just go, ‘I’m so stupid. Like why did I – now we just defined [what our characters are like]!’

“I’m gonna have to like hit the ground a lot more than he is in this whole journey,” he added.

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The 34-year-old star said he and Jonah are already talking about a third installment of the cop franchise.

“We would love to do ‘23 Jump Street’ when we’re like 60 or like 70, as like, old men,” Channing said. “And, like really see where that’s at. That would be fun. ‘Grumpy Old Men’-style.”

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Channing also clarified comments he made in a recent GQ article, where he said he was “probably a pretty high-functioning alcoholic.”

“People love to say those pull quotes and everything. And if you read the article, I wasn’t saying that I’m an alcoholic,” he explained. “I’m saying [that] in between movies I drink to excess, I eat cupcakes to excess. I love cheeseburgers in excess and I’m indulgent. And, that’s it.

“But alcoholism is a very serious thing, so I wanna say that,” he continued. “And, I have people in my life that it affects [who are] close to me, so it’s nothing to joke about.”

“22 Jump Street” hits theaters on June 13.

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