Channing Tatum Talks Burning His ‘Member,’ His Stripping Past & Women’s ‘Cheapness’ When Paying For Sex

Channing Tatum and his, ahem, “little man,” took one for the team while filming his new movie, “The Eagle,” and the sexy action star stopped by Access Hollywood Live to share all of the painful details about his on-set crotch-burning incident!

“It’s kind of a painful story,” Channing told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Thursday of the wetsuit mishap that sent him to the hospital with a burned personal region. “We were [filming] in a hypothermic river all day, for 13 hours. This poor guy had to run about 15 minutes up the hill to get this water that they’re boiling up by the trucks and run it down and then pour it down our wetsuits to keep our core warm so we can stay in the water all day.

“We wrapped the scene, start walking up and here he comes with the bottle,” Channing continued. “Normally, he just poured it down — and it was boiling water — what happened was he didn’t get all the way down to the river to dilute it with river water.”

The boiling water “just kept going down” Channing’s body, leaving him with a burns down there and earning him a “humiliating” trip to the hospital.

“[I went] straight to the hospital,” Channing said. “Which is very, very humiliating holding your little burnt man!”

Kit immediately jumped in to get down to the most important detail, asking, “Little?!?”

“Oh, he was little at that point, I promise you,” Channing laughed. “And you have two male nurses like, ‘Wow, man, that’s really bad,’ and you’re like, ‘Thanks. Can you get me something for this?’”

Billy was horrified to discover that “really hot water” apparently causes the same shrinkage issues as “really cold water.”

“[Hot water] does the same thing,” Channing informed Billy and Kit. “It [took] an hour to get to the airport.”

“One hour till the airport, injured… this guy is a soldier!” Billy laughed.

The scalding couldn’t keep the 30-year-old down for long though – Channing said he was back in action in just “one day.”

“Back in ACTION action?” Billy prodded, hinting at the star’s personal life.

“Four days,” Channing revealed, before giving Billy a hearty high-five. “You gotta wrap it up and get back in the game!”

However, before Channing shot to fame as an actor, the star had a… more revealing profession… as an exotic dancer!

Billy confronted Channing with a photo of the star rocking a Vanilla Ice inspired haircut, wearing a thong and rubbing his booty on an apparently thrilled female onlooker.

“How did that job come about?” Kit asked.

“I just heard it on the radio and just went in, that was it,” Channing told Billy and Kit. “You know, 18-years-old in Tampa and you’re broke, you’re pretty much willing to do anything at that time.”

“What was your signature song/and signature move?” Billy asked.

“Usher or ‘Ride it’ by Pony,” Channing revealed.

As for how much cash the star could bring in on any given night, the former “Dear John” star said the amount was less than impressive.

“You’d be shocked,” he told Billly. “Like $150 bucks.”

“Are women cheaper than guys?” Billy asked.

“Incredibly cheap,” Channing laughed. “Ya’ll are incredibly cheap when it comes to giving money for sex!”

Though Channing won’t be revealing his “little man” on the big screen for his upcoming drama, “The Eagle,” he will be shirtless quite a bit – so, catch more of Channing when the film hits theaters on February 11.

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