Chris Pratt Clarifies 'Impotent' Remark: 'I Had A Lower Sex Drive'

Chris Pratt made headlines last week after revealing he was "impotent" and "depressed" when he was overweight, weighing in around 300 pounds.

Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez sat down with the "Jurassic World" star on Saturday, where the actor clarified his boudoir-issue remarks.

"I'm not sure I knew what 'impotent' meant when I said it," he said, laughing. "I had a lower sex drive, to be honest with you. Everything about my spirit was dull. I didn't feel great, and I think people will relate to that.

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"And I don't want to ever come out against sounding like I'm talking smack about people who have issues with their body weight, or don't have issues with their body weight," he continued. "To each their own, but to those who felt the way I felt at that time, there's really hope."

While shedding the weight can be an arduous and frustrating, the 35-year-old offered encouragement for those trying to get lean.

"You can, with hard work and dedication and just sticking to it, you can actually make a big change," he said. "And it will affect you, not just physically, not just the way you look, but how you feel and how your spirit feels and how your penis feels – especially the penis part!"

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The turning point for Chris, whose weight gain began due to his role as Andy Dwyer on NBC's "Parks and Recreation," was landing the lead role in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"I got very, very lucky in that I had a deadline… they were like, 'Here's when we start filming, and you have to be in shape by then,'" he explained. "A deadline is a big deal and a major gift because when you have a deadline you have to get it done and so that, that was a big turning point for me. And then utilizing the help of professionals, nutritionists and, and people who help you – personal trainers, that kind of thing was a big deal.

The most challenging part of his body transformation included adhering to portion control and giving up alcohol.

"The hardest thing was just giving up how much I enjoy big meals with rich foods and lots of wine and beer and everything that accompanies it," he said. "You want a white wine and then you want a red wine, and then you want a dessert wine, and then you want a little digestive."

See Chris (and his hard-earned hard body) in "Jurassic World" – in theaters on Friday.

-- Erin O'Sullivan

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