Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal & Lily Aldridge: ’We’re Sisters For Life’

Appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary of its swimsuit issue has created a bond for Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal & Lily Aldridge that will last a lifetime.

Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez caught up with the three sexy SI cover ladies at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills where they chatted about their sexy (and almost bottom-baring) cover.

“I did not expect a cover though. That’s for darn sure. I did not expect that… I was just, I mean, I cried,” Chrissy said of the moment when she found out the trio had landed the coveted cover.

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“I was like a deer in headlights because it’s my rookie year, so I definitely was not expecting a cover,” Lily said.

During their shoot in the Cook Islands, off the coast of New Zealand, the girls were psyched about the possibility of a cover.

“I think we all had a good feeling about what we were doing, but it’s always like you go into a shoot and of course the thought of it crosses your mind, but you don’t really want to think about it, because you’re just so honor to be in the magazine. I feel like we all had a good feeling about our shoot and it was such great energy,” Nina said looking back.

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And their time together in the Cook Islands created a “special” bond between the trio.

“We’re sisters for life,” Lily said.

Chrissy even commemorated the event with some bling.

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“We’re bonded and she gave us rings, Nina explained.

“Chrissy gave us best friend rings,” Lily added.

But are the rings just the start of their bonding?

“We were up this morning, I was like, ‘Should we get tattoos?’ Like what do we do now?” Chrissy told Liz.

And after they found out they would appear on the SI cover, they each called their loved ones.

“We had our husbands at home and I immediately called John and he couldn’t believe it. I just would have assumed that he was in on it, if he knew it all, so I was really excited to tell him,” she said of husband John Legend.

Nina said her family needed a little warning that her life was about to change in a big way.

“I called my dad, I gave him a little warning, a heads up, that this was happening… and my grandma and my mom of course. They’re back in Denmark, so I had to tell them that this was happening,” she explained.

Chrissy and Lily think Nina – who is the only single girl among the trio – will land a boyfriend now that their cover had debuted. And Nina’s social media accounts might already be a good indicator of things to come

“[My Twitter and Instagram] are definitely blowing up and I am single. I’m the single woman under cover,” Nina said with a smile.

“Not for long my friend,” Chrissy interjected.

“Me and Chrissy are gonna get her married,” Lily added.

“John has a lot of cousins interested!” Chrissy said.

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