Christian Slater Confirms He’s Engaged

Christian Slater is engaged.

The actor confirmed Brittany Lopez is now his fiancee on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” earlier this week, after the talk show host congratulated him on the show.

“Yeah, that’s true,” the actor said after Jimmy shared his well-wishes over the engagement.

Christian joked though, that the pair very nearly didn’t actually have an engagement party after he scared Brittany with “Stiffy” — a stuffed raccoon — for Christmas.

“She wanted a pet raccoon,” Christian said. “She had seen something about Grace Coolidge, Calvin Coolidge’s wife, had a pet raccoon that would come to meetings and run around on her shoulder and everyone was thoroughly entertained.

“Raccoons are rabid and filthy, hideous creatures. So, I didn’t think that was a good idea, but I thought I would give her the next best thing, so I went on eBay, and I figured, look, I’ll get her a taxidermy raccoon,” he said as the audience groaned.

“I put it in a box, and I was so excited, I was like ‘Look, I did it! The next best thing. It was like the big present, I brought it to the house… this was like the last gift [at Christmas]… and she opened the thing and all she saw were like two dead eyes staring out at her, and she literally cried for 45 minutes… it was awful,” he added. “It was a rough moment, and then we had the engagement party, like a week later. It almost didn’t happen. It was very, very close.”

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