Christie Brinkley Preparing For Broadway Debut At 57: ‘I Want To Live Every Day To The Fullest’

Christie Brinkley is embarking on a whole new chapter in her life – as a Broadway star in the musical, “Chicago.”

The supermodel is set to make a splash on the Great White Way this April, and patrons will be surprised to learn, despite her seemingly ageless looks, she’s approaching 60.

“I can’t believe my age,” Christie, 57, told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, when the two recently sat down for a new interview. “I mean, I look at that number and I’m like you know what? Nuh-uh. I just can’t…the number doesn’t fit. “

“You just celebrated your 57th birthday!” Shaun said.

“Oh! You had to say it,” Christie laughed. “When I started modeling they used to say, ‘They’ll chew you up and spit you out by 30. It’s all over!’”

But those words didn’t come true for Christie, who lives life by her own rules and the advice of her family.

“I want to live every day to the fullest, I want to just like, enjoy this time because as my parents say, ‘The golden years suck,’” she laughed.

Pushing 60, and as sizzling as ever in a black lace plunging neckline costume she was donning for a “Chicago” photoshoot, this “Uptown Girl” is rewriting the rules on aging.

Access Hollywood’s cameras were there as she flirted with the camera, flaunted her iconic curves and those never ending legs for a photoshoot, promoting her upcoming Broadway debut in April as Roxie Hart.

“I think the audience is going to say, ‘Oh yeah, Christie Brinkley. She’s beautiful, but can she sing?’” Shaun asked.

“Well, I kind of said that too and I said to them, ‘I kind of feel like this offer came out of the blue and I would be absolutely crazy and I would wonder for the rest of my life if I said no,’” Christie recounted.

She has to sing and she has to dance for the part of Roxie, but Christie had some practice with that – in Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” music video in the 1980s.

“It was the hottest night in the summer and with every step my high heels would go down into the pavement and so I’m not quite as bad as I was in ‘Uptown Girl,’” she laughed.

“When you look back do you think you were bad in ‘Uptown Girl’?” Shaun asked.

“Well, I can see me kind of going, ‘Ugh! Get that shoe out of the pavement,’ you know?” she recalled.

For her Living Legends series on Access Hollywood, Shaun recently interviewed Billy, who told her about the day he met Christie.

“He said it was in a little piano bar in the Caribbean and he was playing the piano and he looks up…” Shaun said, recalling Billy’s story of seeing Whitney Houston, Elle Macpherson and Christie looking over him.

“And I told him to scooch over and I started singing,” Christie laughed. “I remember I didn’t know what to call him because I didn’t know if he was from the south…

“I just called him Joe. I said, ‘You look like a Joe to me,’” she continued. “But I remember having a little anxiety over that ‘cause I knew that he was supposedly very famous, but I had been living in Europe and so I wasn’t all that familiar.”

Although their marriage didn’t work out, the former couple, who are loving parents to all-grown-up daughter Alexa Ray Joel, remain friends and Christie said Billy is very supportive of her career.

“I just [had] an e-mail from Billy last night saying, ‘Congratulations! You are going to be great! I’m coming to the show,’” Christie said.

“Are you nervous about performing in front of your daughter and Billy?” Shaun asked.

“Are you kidding? Billy and I would be cooking in the kitchen doing Broadway shows all the time singing and dancing and Alexa and I have picked right up… The two of us sing and dance… We’re constantly singing; it’s truly a musical in our house,” she smiled.

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