Christie Brinkley’s 3rd Rival Steps Forward — For A Price

It?s called ?checkbook journalism.?

And once it starts, even the most peripheral players in any sordid story suddenly have plenty to say.

Nineteen-year-old alleged mistress Diana Bianchi?s not the only one talking anymore!

Singer Samantha Cole, who claims to also have had a fling with Cook, has now opened up about her alleged affair of 10 years ago ? for a price.

Cole cashed in on her tale, selling her story to a tabloid TV show for $12,000.

Samantha also tells the NY Post:

?I laugh at this because our story is exactly the same. I met him when I was 18. He also offered me a job. He hit on me after I worked there a little while.?

?Peter had a reputation of being a playboy way back,? said Joan Jedell, editor of The Hampton Sheet.

Joan has known Peter and Christie throughout their years together.

?There were little rumors here and there, but this was a real shock,? Joan told Access Hollywood.

But despite the picture of naivete Diana has painted the last two nights for FOX 5 New York?s Rosanna Scotto, some say Bianchi may be hard-pressed to find sympathy.

?Your dad told you I want you guys to cut the relationship off and it still went on?? Scotto asked.

?He didnt tell me that, he told him that,? Bianchi said.

?The victim here is Christie,? Joan told us. ?No one feels sorry for Bianchi.

She knew what she was doing. She knew what she was getting into.?

And Diana?s ex-boyfriend, surfer Sean Keckeisen agrees.

Sean told the Post that Bianchi?s alleged affair was going on while he and Diana were still together.

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