Christina Aguilera Defends Her Late Night Outings

Christina Aguilera gave birth to her first child, Max Libron, earlier this year but recent photographs have showed the singer coming out of establishments late at night, leaving many to wonder if she has returned to her Xtina ways.

“I spend all day with my son and once in a while if I want to go out and have a mommy-daddy night with my husband, I am more than allowed to do that,” Christina told Access Hollywood.

Though blogs have placed her back on the Hollywood club circuit, the new mom isn’t sweating the speculation.

“They never air [footage] of the paparazzi actually pulling up beside my husband and being like, ‘When is she going to leave the house? I have been trying to get a picture of her for weeks,’” Christina said. “Everybody has an opinion and everybody sometimes wants to cause drama and be mean spirited, but it’s something that comes with what you do and I learned that very early on.”

This past Saturday night, Christina hit Las Vegas’ Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace to help celebrate the launch of the Christina-inspired jewelry line, the Stephen Webster Silver Collection, but those weren’t the only baubles Christina has been boasting lately.

“It’s funny, me and my husband crack up about the bra sizes that we have been through since the pregnancy and delivery,” she laughed. “It’s nuts to know what the female body’s capable of.”

And in just a few months, Christina’s body got back into tip-top shape.

“It’s all mental,” Christina said of the motivation behind her physique. “I am not someone that likes to work out. I would love to just relax or do something else you but I do because I feel good afterwards. It makes me feel good to see muscle definition and to just feel better health wise.

“I think it is so important to be able to do that so really it is all mentally pushing yourself towards your goal,” she continued. “I went through a whole course of weight training and cardio and boxing and things like that but it is also your food and making sure that you eat pretty clean throughout.”

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