Cindy Crawford Crusades To Help Kids With Cancer

Cindy Crawford may have made her name and fortune with her looks, but these days, she cares less about being a legendary supermodel than she does about being a mom, as well as a force behind a charity called the “Little Star Foundation.”

A heartbreaking yet inspirational moment in her life lead Cindy on a very personal crusade to help children who are suffering from cancer.

“I know you do a lot of work with the ‘Little Star Foundation’ which is special to you because your brother passed away at a very young age?” Nancy O’Dell asked.

“My brother died of leukemia when I was ten,” Cindy explained.

In fact, Cindy is donating her Swiffer “Amazing Woman of the Year” award of $25,000 to former tennis pro Andrea Jaeger’s camp “Little Star” in Aspen, Colorado.

“What was it like when you met some of the kids?” Nancy asked.

“They need to get out of the hospital, they don’t want to think about being sick and having cancer, so, it is a great place for them to come,” Cindy said. “They were skiing and they were screwing around, they did a talent show! Then there were times that they wanted to talk about losing their hair or all the different treatments their relapses.

“I was there once with Randy, my husband, and we were having lunch with a bunch of girls and none of them had their hair and, you know, I have long hair, they were taking my hair, and they were putting it over their bald heads,” Cindy said. “They weren’t necessarily sad about it or crying about it but they wanted to feel like they could express that and have a place and that someone cared enough to listen to them.”

It was a moment made all the more personal by the fact that Cindy now has two young children of her own.

“What do all the little kids think when Cindy Crawford shows up?” Nancy asked.

“Oh, they don’t care, you know, that is the great thing about having kids,” Cindy laughed.

“Whoa, look at your mom!” Nancy said.

That you just become, that’s Prestley’s mom or Kaia’s mom,” Cindy laughed. “No one cares yet.”

Oh, but George Clooney does! It turns out, Cindy was one of the main reasons George went into business with Randy.

“And I get to spend time around Cindy Crawford, which is kind of fun for me,” said George, in another interview. “Bad for you (he said to Randy) because I’ll swoop down and steal her.”

“George just, everything’s a joke,” Cindy laughed.

“And he surrounds himself with beautiful women all the time,” Nancy said.

“He doesn’t have a problem finding women,” Cindy laughed. “George, no, you know he might have a little back pain but other than that, his life is pretty good.”

For more on the foundation: click here.

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