Copper Q&A: Kyle Schmid Talks Season 2 & ‘Morehoused’ Becoming An Expression

After spending much of “Copper” Season 1 drinking, womanizing and living in the shadow of his father, actor Kyle Schmid’s Robert Morehouse turned over a new leaf, foiling a plot against New York City and finding the love of his life.

But, while Morehouse started Season 2 in bliss, madly in love with Elizabeth Haverford (Anastasia Griffith), running his family business and a recognized hero of the city, in this BBC America dark drama, there is potential for big trouble on the horizon.

Kyle opened up about what’s ahead, and how his character’s name has taken on a life on its own on Twitter.

WATCH IT NOW: BBC America’s ‘Copper’ Sneak Peek – Robert Morehouse Squares Off With A Confederate What’s it like on set? Any fun things going on?

Kyle Schmid: We’re pranksters on set. We love to joke around with one another. … We’re shooting our finale right now, which is going to be quiet epic. It’s an amazing episode. Looking forward to it.

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Access: Who are the pranksters?

Kyle: Between Kevin [Ryan], Tom [Weston-Jones], Dylan [Taylor] and I, and some of the producers and the writers, everybody gets along so well. So between fooling around with lines, jumping in on people’s close ups, really just making an a** of ourselves, it’s always a good laugh. It’s just great chemistry between everybody, so we’re lucky to be working with one another.

Access: Does that put you on guard?

Kyle: You kind of know when something’s coming. Our show has a lot of drama to it and we do respect each other’s craft, so it’s really when we’re all in the right place at the right time that these things do come out, because for the most part, it’s quite a serious show.

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Access: One of the fun things this season is ‘Morehouse’ has become an expression.

Kyle: I forget who started it last year — I think it was Kyle Bradstreet, who’s one of our writers. We were all out drinking and after a few he turned to me like, ‘Dude! You’re Morehoused.’ And it just became a thing. So that kind of became a Twitter hashtag for all my Tweets… I think it’s pretty amazing. It’s catching on and the audience is getting bigger. It kind of creates a fun environment for the audience to be in as well. They have drinking games out there now for the show where it’s like every time a character has a drink, you have to have a drink while you’re watching the show. I kind of love that world where you — and as an avid TV watcher myself — where you can feel you’re part of the cast and kind of have fun while you’re watching the show.

Access: If the Merriam-Webster dictionary people came to you and said, ‘Kyle, we need you to define ‘Morehoused’ for us,’ what would you say?

Kyle: The Merriam-Webster definition of being ‘Morehoused’? Infused with Bourbon? I’d say it’s one past drunk and one step before blackout.

Access: Robert Morehouse is really happy at this point in ‘Copper.’ He’s got his lady – Elizabeth Haverford – and the threat to New York is at bay. How happy would you describe him at this point in time?

Kyle: Having the freedom to kind of control the family business and the economics of that, the finances, and also move forward with my personal life and getting to marry Elizabeth, who’s a woman I think he respects with regards to her outlook on the world and how outspoken she is — he’s in a place of just absolute kind of happiness, a place that he’s never felt, really, before. There’s no evil side of the drink at this point, there is no dark end to the tunnel for him, I don’t think. And it’s a very vulnerable place for him to be because… in the first season, you got to see him at what had become his most natural state which is a facade, and now this is all new and he’s kind of naked in his emotions, in his happiness.

Access: Which, of course, could be threatened because Elizabeth has a huge, huge secret – she took part in the plot to destroy New York and there’s a man in jail blackmailing her. Can we expect some trouble to come Morehouse’s way because of this?

Kyle: It’s a very dangerous place to be in with a character with so much power, beside a woman, who as we have seen in the first season, is very able to control and manipulate situations.

“Copper” Season 2 continues Sunday nights at 10/9c on BBC America.

-- Jolie Lash

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