Corbin Bleu’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: A ‘Most Memorable’ Dedication

Former “High School Musical” star-turned-“One Life To Live” star Corbin Bleu joins as our behind-the-scenes celebrity blogger for this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Here is his latest post…

So this will now be my second ballroom dance. We have the Foxtrot.

I can truly say I’m achieving a goal of learning something new, but this week I could feel frustration with myself reaching an apex. Even though our last dance scored high and was well received, the judges’ notes were directed towards my frame. I refuse to let that be my ball and chain.

Because the ballroom dances are extremely focused on frame, Karina and I have been especially concentrated on keeping my hips tucked under, my arms strong in the posture and opening up my chest.

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Karina continues to push me down to the very last technical detail, and I appreciate it more than she even knows, but I can feel myself at times on the edge of losing it. It’s not because she works me hard, but because I become annoyed at myself when I don’t juggle all of the pieces together. It’s silly to think I can master an art form within a week, but damn it I’m trying!

The real trick now is not forgetting all of our hard work when my emotions and my mind will be on the meaning of this dance. This week’s theme is “The Most Memorable Year.” Mine was 2011 when a lot of change surrounded my family between me getting my own place, my sister Hunter going off to college, and my sister Phoenix being diagnosed with scoliosis. The news of her condition was striking within our family, but our support of each other and her is always positive. Phoenix’s strength though and her ability to not let it affect her drive to take on whatever she wants is what inspired me to give this Foxtrot its story.

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I’m dedicating it to my sisters Phoenix, Hunter and Jag, and it’s all about wishing them nothing but the best out of what life has to offer, and hoping that every step of the way they know I’m there for them.

So at the end of the day, yes I want to score high and have the correct technique for the Foxtrot, but my true number 1 priority when it comes to this dance is letting my sisters know how much I love them.

This week I also supported the AIDS Walk Los Angeles! I presented at the opening ceremony with Pauley Perrette! It was so incredible to see the thousands of people there to take part in the biggest AIDS fundraiser in Cali!

-- Corbin Bleu

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