Corbin Bleu’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: Bringing Game Of Thrones To The Ballroom

Former “High School Musical” star-turned-“One Life To Live” star Corbin Bleu joins as our behind-the-scenes celebrity blogger for this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Here is his latest post…

Raise your flags high and point your swords to the sky, it’s time for a “Game of Thrones” themed dance! It’s my favorite show on television!

Earlier this year I caught the “Thrones” bug and went on a TV binge to get all caught up. My girlfriend and I are obsessed with the show and last week, when we were just talking about how we can’t wait for the next season to start, the theme song got stuck in my head.I went to Karina and asked her if there was a ballroom dance that would fit the music. After telling me it was a Viennese Waltz we pitched the song and started our journey to bringing the Iron Throne to the “DWTS” stage.

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The challenge was finding a way to marry the medieval and often barbaric adventure of “Thrones” with the elegant and romantic waltz. The result is pretty unconventional, but I believe it has turned out to be one hell of a dance.

First, we had to figure out which of the many story lines from the show we wanted to tell. We went with one of my favorite and most dynamic plotlines, the tale of Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen and Kahl Drogo!

For those who don’t watch the show, Daenerys is a young woman with plans to one day rule the kingdom, who ends up getting married off to the leader of the Dothraki barbarians named Drogo. At the beginning, she is less than enthusiastic on being the daily playmate of this brute, but she eventually learns how to tame the beast and over time they actually gain affection and admiration for each other while they rise together as a power couple. In the height of their passion and strength Drogo falls ill from a wound and ends up dying. Devastated, Daenerys is now more determined than ever to fight her way to the throne. Whether she reaches her goal or not is unknown because the show is still ongoing, but personally I want to see her rule! With that being said I have been geeking out this whole week teaching Karina how to say things in the fictitious Dothraki language and reminiscing on every awesome moment of joy this show has brought me! Of course Karina is zoning in on my waltz technique and making sure our dance can receive high scores, but I believe I’ve made a Thrones fan out of her! Hope you all enjoy!

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In other news, a passion project of mine is in its early steps of working to become a reality. Our production team just launched a campaign on the film crowd funding website The movie is called “The Day I Died.” It’s a beautiful and raw story of a high school boy who falls victim to bullying and ends up at the crossroads of making a life threatening decision. Bullying is something we hear of way too often and too many young people’s bullying stories end tragically. I really wanted to be a part of an anti-bullying project that shed a realistic light on the growing epidemic. I was bullied in high school and I have younger siblings that I look out for so they don’t fall prey to being bullied. It’s unacceptable! We are working on raising 500K and I’m reaching out to my fellow industry humanitarians to help the cause and make this important film! We’re also asking anyone out there who wants to help support an anti-bullying film to go to The more awareness we bring to this issue the closer we can be to standing up to it together!

-- Corbin Bleu

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