Corbin Bleu’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: Getting Into A Rhythm

Former “High School Musical” star-turned-“One Life To Live” star Corbin Bleu joins as our behind-the-scenes celebrity blogger for this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Here is his latest post…

“DWTS” is no joke! I keep thinking that I’m going to get into a rhythm and the days will be smoother, but things seem to get more frantic each week!

Not to mention the ever looming possibility of getting voted off. That being said though, I’m still having a beyond amazing time learning new dances, getting to know my cast mates, and creating and performing with Karina!

This week, we’re dancing the quick step. Even though we worked extremely hard on our contemporary and our jive, neither dance required the effort it’s taking to do the quick step. Leading, dancing at an extreme rapid pace and staying in frame the whole time?! What?! If I miss one step in this dance it’s near impossible to pick up on another one and save it.

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I definitely was more frustrated this week. I’m very much a perfectionist, and with the clock ticking down to performance day with me still struggling with most of the routine I was beginning to panic. We were at the top of the leaderboard last week and the pressure is on! Luckily my partner (my secret weapon) is a nitpicking Russian drill sergeant who refuses to take anything less from me than my best. I’m still scared as hell of this dance, but I think I’m as ready as I can be to wow the judges.

We also have a really cool concept for our dance. The theme for all this week’s dances is Hollywood. Karina and I decided to tell the story of a repeating scandal in Hollywood, a young starlet having relations with a director to get the leading role. It’s done in an old school vaudeville way. I always like to have a story and relationship that I can grasp on to throughout the dance. Of course, I want my technique to be on point, but if there’s no emotion from a purpose there’s nothing for the audience to relate to.

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It’s truly incredible what everyone on this show goes through. It’s extremely fun, but wow is it nonstop. Radio appearances at 6 in the morning, hours of rehearsal every day, meetings to discuss concepts and music, events where you need to be dressed to the nines, all while still needing to walk the dog, and do laundry, and get groceries. Sleeping and eating is usually a last minute remembered thing. Plus you try not to neglect family, other halves, and friends. It’s a whirlwind!

But I’m working to be here till the end, wanting always to keep you entertained!

-- Corbin Bleu

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