Corbin Bleu’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: The Student Becomes The Teacher

Former “High School Musical” star-turned-“One Life To Live” star Corbin Bleu joins as our behind-the-scenes celebrity blogger for this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Here is his latest post…

Week 9: Quarterfinals! I’m so grateful to all the fans out there who have voted for us to bring us this far!

I’m loving the experience and Karina and I will continue to work as hard as we can to show we deserve our spot on the dance floor and do our best to entertain!

It’s that time in the season where we have two full dances to learn. This week, we have slow waltz and jazz! We also got to choose either an eliminated pro or a member of the troop to join us for a trio dance. We chose Witney Carson from the troop for our jazz! We felt she was a perfect fit and has proven us right!

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It’s a nice change up to have another creative mind in the room. And the best part, she’s also a tap dancer! Karina wanted to incorporate my tap background into this dance even though she doesn’t really tap herself. But now between Witney and me, we’ve been able to quickly give Karina a crash course and choreograph a cool little tap section at the end of the number.

It was nice to be able teach Karina something for once. It has truly been an honor learning from her over these past two-and-a-half months. Learning the waltz went so fast. I’m beginning to become comfortable with ballroom to a point where she just says a move and I know what to do. It’s a really rewarding feeling.

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For our waltz, we’re telling the story of a man whose love has passed on without him getting to say everything he should have. As he’s visiting her grave, she comes to him as a spirit and gives him the closure he needs to move on.

With our last Viennese Waltz we received our lowest score all season because the judges felt we sacrificed the technique of the dance for the characters of our story. So with this waltz, even though we still have definitive characters and a story, it’s absolutely in the realm of what a traditional waltz should be! Still working on that 10 from Len!

I got to have some fun outside of the rehearsal studio this week when I took my little sisters, Phoenix and Jag, and my girlfriend to the Selena Gomez concert at the Staples Center! We all had a blast! She puts on a good show. However I was really just waiting all night to hear “Come and Get It”! Kind of love whenever that song comes on in the car :).

She ended up performing it in her encore and it made my night! Also went to Jack Osbourne’s birthday shindig at Hooray Henry’s. A lot of the “DWTS” cast was there, and even though you’d think we’d be sick of spending everyday dancing, we all ended up dancing all night!!

-- Corbin Bleu

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