Corey Feldman Pens Letter To Corey Haim

Corey Haim was laid to rest on Tuesday in Toronto and his longtime friend and co-star, Coredy Feldman, who was not in attendance, posted a letter on his Web site titled, “A Letter For The Grave… (an open letter to Corey Haim)” expressing his sorrow.

Feldman said he did not attend the late actor’s funeral because the Haim family opted for a small private gathering to honor “The Lost Boys” star. In his letter, Feldman said he did not want to draw media attention to the service and hoped shots of his friend’s funeral would not end up on the news.

In the letter, Feldman said his “mission in life became saving” Haim and that he never gave up on the late actor. Feldman revealed that he previously imagined Haim’s death occurring and even tried to imagine how he’d cope with it.

Feldman, who previously said he was planning a Los Angeles memorial for his late friend, said it would be “a celebration of your life the way you would have wanted it…..with everybody laughing and rocking out!”

In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos following her son’s death, Judy Haim said that the LA County Coroner’s Office told her an autopsy on the former teen idol found he had an enlarged heart and his lungs were filled with water.

The autopsy ruled his cause of death as pulmonary congestion. Additionally, the Coroner’s Office confirmed that prescription bottles containing four different medications were taken from the actor’s room.

Read Feldman’s entire heartfelt letter to Haim below:

“Dear Corey.,

This is for you on the day of your funeral. First off I am so sorry I am not there with you today. By that I mean my physical body is not with your physical body. However you know that my heart is right at your side. You also know the only reason I am truly not there is out of respect for your mother and her wishes to minimize the media attention as much as possible. I want your family to have a calm peaceful day. Hopefully we will not see one shot of the funeral on the news. Just know I am at home today projecting positive energy for you and your passing.

I miss you so much already. When I think of something funny I don’t know who to tell it to. I find myself trying to call you but then remember your not there. I think about the new movies we will soon be doing together and then suddenly realise [sic] that the dream is over. I always feared this day would come, and often rehearsed how to face it. But once confronted with the reality of it, it’s so much more painful than I could have ever imagined. Nobody will ever understand the brotherhood we shared. Nobody will ever get the inside jokes we told. Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222 . Nobody will ever know how to do the secret Corey handshake. Nobody will ever make me laugh as hard as you did. Nobody will ever make me fight as hard as you did. Nobody will ever challenge me the way you did. Nobody will ever need me the way you did.

My mission in life became saving yours. I never gave up, I tried …I walked away, but I always came back, to let you know I was there. In a dark and lonely world with spiteful angry people we always understood each others pain. I have been so hounded by the media and barraged with condolences since your death that I have not been given my own time to grief. I was still in shock while cameras were chasing me down the street looking for my feelings on the matter. When I did Larry King I could barely form sentences, but knew I had to be strong to send a message.

I never knew your death would have such a huge impact on the world. I learned something Corey, there are a lot of people out there who really love you, and appreciate the joy you have brough tho [sic] their hearts. I only wish you could see the way the world is mourning over your absence. I wish you could see how big the story is. I wish you could see your face finally filling the cover of People magazine and Entertainment Weekly!

That would have meant so much to you. It is such a shame they all had to wait until you were gone to give you the respect you were due as an actor which is what you truly were. The great Canadian actor Corey Haim! I love you and I will forever keep that ring close to my heart. I will do my very best to help give you a memorial that is a celebration of your life the way you would have wanted it…..with everybody laughing and rocking out!

My heart is so broken and I know there are so many who feel the same way I do. We will remember your spirit and your fans will help me keep your legacy alive.

I pray that you are safe and warm and finally filled with peace.

I love you

CF Core Feldog DAWG C-DOG KID and every other name you used to call me…..dine!”

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