Court Document Reveal Brit’s Lawyers Questioned K-Fed’s Financial Claims

Last month, Kevin Federline’s attorneys argued in court that Britney Spears should have to pay some of her ex-husband’s legal fees.

Though Federline’s team — headed up by Mark Vincent Kaplan — did not receive the full amount being requested, a court commissioner ordered Spears to pay $375,000, a significant portion of the tab.

Today, in papers released by Los Angeles Superior Court, documents detail the argument Spears’ counsel, headed up by Stacy Phillips, made as they sought to reduce the amount requested.

Among the arguments made by Spears’ team was a claim that Federline “understated his income by at least $200,000.”

In Federline’s paperwork, also released today, he cited approximately $800,000 worth of expenses, but according to Spears’ lawyers, he “failed to differentiate in any way what portion of his $800,000 plus-claimed business expenses were, in fact, personal expenses.”

Federline has a host of credit card charges, billed to his company Gooseneck Productions, from companies including Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

Also questioned by Spears’ lawyers, was Federline’s use of multiple lawyers in court and whether it was necessary.

A fourth point raised by the Spears camp was the hourly rate of Kaplan and his associates. Spears’ lawyers claim K-Fed’s legal team raised their rate by 20 percent, without giving Federline notice or getting his consent. Spears’ lawyers argued this move was a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Spears’ lawyers also claimed Federline’s attorneys bundled their services, which made it “impossible for anyone to ascertain what amount of time, reasonable or unreasonable, was devoted to each individual service,” the papers read.

Finally, Spears’ lawyers claimed Kaplan “initiated and invited media attention” which caused “attorneys’ fees and costs to be exacerbated on both sides.”

Also brought up was a claim that K-Fed has an “extraordinarily high” penchant for tipping for food and beverage. They cited a $1,100.76 tip on a $2,782 bill, a $200 tip on a $371.29 bill and a $2,000 tip on $365 bill.

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