Courteney Cox & Christa Miller Talk Secrets Of ‘Cougar Town’ Season 3 — An Engagement & ‘Scrubs’ Stars

“Cougar Town” will be back for Season 3 at some point in the coming months on ABC, and when it does, big things are on the way for Courteney Cox’s Jules and Josh Hopkins’ Grayson.

“We get engaged in the first episode,” Courteney told during Monday night’s “Cougar Town” pop-up Television Critics Association shindig in Pasadena.

And the season will tackle the run up to the wedding.

“If we make it to the altar,” Courteney teased.

All the things that come with an engagement and planning a wedding will definitely unnerve the completely flappable real estate agent with a penchant for wine, Jules Cobb.

“She’s neurotic, but she’s game for everything,” Courteney told Access. “She’s not that smart, but she’s nervous about bringing her past baggage into the relationship. But I like it — I like that we’re just dealing with issues head on as opposed to ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ They just went right for it.”

Having just brought her son, Travis (Dan Byrd), back from an emotional low in the Season 2 finale, which saw him run off to live in Hawaii, Jules is ready to watch her boy succeed, without meddling too much in Season 3.

“She’s gonna be OK. It’s definitely a struggle because she loves her son so much. She’s slightly in love with him. He’s the most important thing in her life, but luckily, he’s so grounded and he actually gives her lessons in life all the time,” Courteney said. “I like that relationship.”

One relationship the actress is surprised by is how at ease Jules is with the fact that her upcoming fiancé Grayson, romped between the sheets with one of her best friends, Lori (Busy Philipps).

“I can’t believe how open Jules is, I would never —Courteney — would never be ok with that stuff,” the actress said.

Beyond Jules’ engagement, the show in Season 3, will feature guest spots from several members of co-creator Bill Lawrence’s former show, “Scrubs.”

“Maybe Zach Braff did a cameo on ‘Cougar Town,’” Christa Miller (Ellie) teased. “Maybe a lot of the ‘Scrubs’ cast did a cameo on ‘Cougar Town… You never know who stops by our show.”

In fact, Sarah Chalke, Christa’s former “Scrubs” co-star, is set to stir the loins of Bobby (Bryan van Holt).

“Bobby falls in love. Sarah Chalke, she comes in the show,” Courteney said, of upcoming plot twists, adding, “Travis has an accident on his skateboard and has to wear a helmet for seven episodes… Lori falls in love with someone online.”

Christa said the episodes the gang has filmed so far have gone further with the funny thanks to the cast settling into their roles.

“I feel like, this is the third season — when people… really hit their stride. Because you know the character, you can really have fun with it,” she said. “And this year, the shows have really been making me laugh.”

And all the show needs to survive when it does come back, is, presumably, better ratings.

“We need people to watch and tell their friends and just keep the momentum going,” Christa said. “I think the people that appreciate our show and love our show will keep it going.”

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