Courteney Cox Dishes ‘Dirt’ On ‘Friends’ Reunion

LOS ANGELES (December 7, 2006) — Two-and-a-half years after 52 million people tuned in for the finale of ?Friends?, the show?s fans still want one important question asked?

?When is the cast going to get back together??

That?s where Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush comes in.

Billy met with ?Friends? star Courteney Cox on the set of her new FX drama ?Dirt? and just went for it?with a little promise first.

?This will never be asked to you again from Access Hollywood,? Billy told Courteney, ?This is the end.?

Certain of what was coming, Courteney smiled before the question began to cross Billy?s lips.

?Is there any way the Friends cast gets together for a reunion?? Billy asked.

Courteney?s surprising answer?

?I would not be opposed to it,? she revealed.

Well, in hindsight, maybe the answer wasn?t so surprising, considering this group of real life friends love each other.

That said, Courteney cautioned Billy not to get too excited.

?Lets not make a big deal out of it,? she said, ?and say, ?Oh the ?Friends? are getting back together.??

?You already opened up the door,? Billy countered.Courteney responed, ?I?m just saying I?m not opposed to it.

Jennifer [Aniston] said she?s not opposed to it. When we say ?reunion?? do a little thanksgiving episode, sure?why not what are we all doing? It sounds fun.?

Turns out Courteney and her close friend have already spoken about it.

?Jennifer [Aniston] and I talk about it because we love each other and we hang out all the time. Why not do it? Will it happen? It?s a lot of different people to get into the room, its a whole big thing, so the chances of it happening is so slim. But would Jennifer and I? Sure, we?ll eat some turkey together.?

Sounds promising?but don?t set your Tivo just yet.

“We are not doing it. Don?t print we are doing it.? Courteney warned Billy.

?It sounds to me its an option,? Billy replied. ?I’m not saying you?re doing it. You?re saying that ?we might?.

?No,? Courteney clarified, ?I said ?we would?. I didn?t say ?might?.?

But how big is the difference between ?might? and ?would? really? Bigger than you?d think.

?There is a big difference! ?Might? means ?possibly? and ?would? means ?would?. There is no ?could?.?

Well, now that that?s settled, there?s the small matter of Courteney?s new show. And more specifically, the torrid sex scenes Cox-Arquette?s character, tabloid editor Lucy Spiller finds herself in.

How does Courtney?s husband - and co-Executive Producer - David Arquette feel about all the action, and would he ever visit the set during a particularly hot day?

What do you think??David would never come on a day that I would have a love scene. I forbid it and he wouldn?t want to because it would be uncomfortable for everyone.?

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