Courtney Takes On Coogan Over Owen’s Suicide Attempt

As Owen Wilson’s recovery from his tragic suicide attempt earlier this week continues in a Beverly Hills hospital, the story moves to Courtney Love’s house.

The vocal rocker spoke to cameras outside her home, continuing to put blame on British actor/comedian Steve Coogan, a man she had a fling with in 2006.

“Hopefully the guy leaves us alone in this town and goes back to Brighton [England] or wherever the hell he’s from and just maybe stays there,” she said.

Love alleged that Coogan was a negative influence over Owen Wilson.

“I tried to warn uh, different friends of Owen,” she told the cameras outside her house on the subject.

“He has been spending time with Owen Wilson?” a reporter asked about Coogan.

“From what I understand, yeah,” Courtney replied, “and it makes me really sad.”

When asked about the allegations by Love, while in Hawaii, Coogan, had little to say.

“Where are you from?” Coogan asked the reporter.

“I’m from Maui, Hawaii,” the reporter replied.

“Hey listen, have a good day. I’m with my family,” Coogan said, refusing to respond to Courtney’s statements as he headed back to LA after wrapping up his role in Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder,” a film Owen had to drop out of.

Coogan did however open up to Access Hollywood yesterday.

“My thoughts are with my friend Owen at this difficult time, but I do want to set the record straight and say that the allegations . . . are completely and utterly false,” he said.

Meanwhile, as previously reported on, the city of Santa Monica has refused all media requests for a copy of the 911 call regarding Owen Wilson citing the actor’s privacy rights. They stated: “No person should have to worry about whether placing a call for Emergency Assistance will automatically make his or her medical request open to public review.”

In related news, a source close to Wilson revealed to Access that Wilson did not overdose as other outlets have reported. While Owen did slit his wrists, his stomach was never pumped at the hospital. There were no drugs in his system, the source claims, other than the antidepressants he was taking at the time.

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