‘Covert Affairs’: Christopher Gorham Talks Season 5 Mission

“Covert Affairs” continues Tuesday night on USA, and the team will be trying to figure out who was behind the explosion in last week’s Season 5 opener.

“It sets Annie off. There’s that scene at the end of the premiere where Calder says, ‘You wanted a mission; you got one.’ And it couldn’t be more important and it couldn’t be more personal, and it really kicks off what we’re dealing with for the entire season, [which] is trying to find out who is behind this attack in Chicago and bring them to justice,” Christopher Gorham (Auggie) told AccessHollywood.com.

In last week’s episode, when Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie reunited after she disappeared for four months, he immediately jumped back into the role of her handler. Asked for his thoughts on why Auggie was able to do that so easily, Christopher said it is a role that comes to his character, naturally.

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“They have a deep connection. And also, you have to remember, like this guy is – he is a team leader, he comes from the military and special forces where they work in small, very tight-knit teams and it’s absolutely essential that they can count on each other all the time. So, that’s where he functions efficiently and most naturally,” Christopher said. “So I think it’s very natural for him to fall back into that role, that supportive team member role. And Annie — I think he does that for all of his operatives, but obviously, she’s special.”

As the season continues, Christopher said there will be international stops in Colombia and France.

All the travel for his job meant Christopher recently had to get a new passport.

“I had to get a new one ‘cause I ran out of pages,” he laughed.

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“You can get extra pages, but you can’t get enough extra pages. It was better for me to just get a new passport because we were filling it up so fast,” he added.

“Covert Affairs” continues Tuesday night at 10 PM ET/PT on USA.

-- Jolie Lash

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