‘Da Vinci’s Demons’: 8 Hints At What’s Ahead In Season 2

“Da Vinci’s Demons” returns to Starz on Saturday night with its second season, and fans can expect some big twists.

There are flash forwards, flashbacks, new evil forces, a surprising return and plenty of twists. Tom Riley (Leonardo), Blake Ritson (Riario), Laura Haddock (Lucrezia), Lara Pulver (Clarice) and Executive Producer David S. Goyer offered Access Hollywood several hints at the drama that awaits in the show’s 10 episode Season 2 run, airing Saturday nights on Starz.

Flash Forward!: “Before we get into the direct continuity — so there’s me, with the Renaissance bazooka, about to blow open the sacristy doors — we get a little taster of where the series is heading with Riario and Da Vinci, locked in a cell, looking thoroughly disheveled, under mysterious circumstance,” Blake Ritson (Riario) explained to Access Hollywood of how Season 2 opens. “It’s a pretty epic ride they go on together.”

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A Journey To The New World: “At the very beginning of the first season… Da Vinci put together a map from a book of what modern viewers will recognize as South America — to him [it] is just an undiscovered land. And so, he sets out to find that land,” Tom Riley (Leonardo) said of the journey ahead. “He’s not the only one. Sneaky Riario is also heading in that direction. Nico will come and Zoraster. So, it takes them to South America, and potentially that’s where the Vault of Heaven and the Book of Leaves will be.”

Lucrezia’s Teenage Trauma: “I got the opportunity to go back in time and visit Lucrezia 10 years ago, so when she was about 15, 16,” Laura explained of an upcoming Season 2 flashback sequence. “And we see something happen to her and that’s the reason why she is the person that she is today and she’s constantly trying to avenge this thing that happened.”

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Powerhouse Family The Medicis Face Major Turmoil: “She’s running from everything and everyone with her babies, which she loses at one point, and even takes the brave — or some could say stupid — decision of giving someone the authority to poison her children should the walls be broken down by the enemy,” Lara Pulver said of her character, Clarice de Medici’s plight. “It’s heartbreaking. Her entire journey in Season 2 is such a rollercoaster. Everything she’s ever stood for and everything she ever thought she was is questioned.”

And for her husband, Lorenzo? “Lorenzo does not spend most of the season in Florence,” David said. “He is in some pretty dire straits in Season 2.”

Count Riario Gets Really, Really, Really Nasty: “I’m bringing pain to everyone,” Blake told Access. “Ears will be bitten, eyes will be gouged. Riario, I think it’s fair to say, goes pretty brutal this year. I think, there’s a kind of mask, a kind of veneer of just — of getting on with his day to day work in the first season. But this season, I think the mask slips and we just see this new savagery, this new ferocity, this new barbarity and a new kind of vulnerability with it.”

Giuliano De’ Medici – Back From The Dead?: For those sad they killed off Tom Bateman’s hunky Giuliano de Medici character twice in Season 1 — surprise! He’s back! “I will say he is in Season 2,” David told Access. When we probed the cast for further details on the matter, they were equally tight-lipped on how the younger Medici brother returns (since his character really did die at the end of Season 1). “We won’t say how we’ll see him, but we’ll see him,” Tom said.

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A New Look For Leo: Season 2’s poster showed a Jim Morrison side of Tom Riley’s Leonardo Da Vinci, with some classic rock star locks (leather pants and a poet’s blouse), and fans will get to see his unruly raven hair on the upcoming South American journey. “In Season 2, it makes sense,” Tom told Access of his character’s new ‘do. “There isn’t a barber on the ship for six months across the Atlantic… There are knives, but he doesn’t care. It’s not something that bothers him. Riario, on the other hand — he might have people who can do his hair because he’s more concerned with his appearance. But Leonardo certainly doesn’t mind.”

In fact, sneak peeks last year at Tom’s coif prompted some mane madness. “There’s a poll online on one of the fan sites as to whether or not they like Tom with long hair or with short hair and it’s sort of 50/50,” David said. “So they get a little of both this season.”

A New Dark Force Emerges: “We’ll learn a bit more about the Book of Leaves and the Sons of Mithras in Season 2. … I always talk about how this show… sort of kind of emulates ‘Star Wars’ — Riario is Darth Vader and Pope Sixtus is The Emperor and things like that. … And so I said if the Sons of Mithras are the Jedi, then that means somewhere out there are the Sith. So we get to sort of a little bit meet the counterparts [to the Sons of Mithras] — the real villains of the series,” David said.

“Da Vinci’s Demons” returns for Season 2 on Saturday night at 9 PM ET/PT on Starz.

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