Danai Gurira: Season 4 Of The Walking Dead Will Be ‘Terrifying!’

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this October and according to Danai Gurira, Season 4 might be the scariest season yet.

“I think it will be,” Danai, who plays Michonne, told Access Hollywood at Hyundai and Skybound presents “The Walking Dead” 10th Anniversary Celebration event at Comic-Con 2013 last Friday night.

“It’s gonna be terrifying, but it’s also going to be beautifully nuanced in character development and I think that what’s gonna be really exciting is that push-pull of so much amazing, terrifically terrifying action connected and juxtaposed against great character moments,” she added. “So, you’ll never be comfortable.”

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Here’s a few other things the actress shared with Access:

On whether there could be “Richonne” (a romantic pairing between Rick and Michonne) because of her on-screen chemistry with Andrew Lincoln: “We keep hearing this (laughs)! You know, I gotta leave that to [showrunner] Scott Gimple. Where’s Scott Gimple? I think you should talk to Scott Gimple. … I can’t answer it! But I’d love to see how he’s gonna answer.”

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On Michonne & Carl’s friendship: “It’s great. I think it’s a beautiful thing to be connected that way. They see something in each other. She sees a little bada** in there. He’s a child soldier and to her that’s really cool, because to her, that means he’s built to survive this world and she respects people who are built to survive the world, who are built to be assets and not liabilities. So, she really loves this kid. She’s like, ‘He’s a cool cat!’

On how the death of Andrea will affect Michonne’s Season 4 journey: “I think it is definitely an intricate part of who she is and Andrea was very dear and near to her. The beauty of what Andrea did, though, was she kind of blessed Michonne to step into this group fully, because she said to her, ‘It’s good that you found them.’ And Michonne knows Andrea was with this group. … And I think that is what really gives Michonne the strength to know that she can be part of this group. But, the problem is, Michonne is a loner, so that’s the friction of the moment — being a loner and being a part of a community. How do you navigate that?”

“The Walking Dead” returns for Season 4 on October 13.

-- Jolie Lash

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