‘Dancing’ Cast Defend Cheryl Burke Over Weight Criticisms

Cheryl Burke’s “Dancing With the Stars” co-stars have leapt to her defense after recent criticism over her weight emerged on Internet blogs.

“Dancing” standout Brooke Burke, whose figure is regularly under scrutiny due to her work as a model, told Access Hollywood she admires the two-time “DWTS” champ’s physique.

“I think we have a lot of pressure on us being in Hollywood,” Brooke told Access backstage at “DWTS.” “Cheryl is an example. I think she is sexy and voluptuous. I have always loved her body as feminine.”

Though several blogs have taken aim at the ballroom dancer, suggesting Cheryl has put on a significant amount of weight, Brooke thinks they should leave the pro alone.

“First of all, it’s [not] anybody’s business,” a fired-up Brooke added. “For people to nit pick when you are out there and you are a dancer and you are beautiful — and she is sexy… The most important thing [is that] a woman should feel good whatever what size she is and I think she looks hot.”

Cheryl’s fellow professional dancer, Lacey Schwimmer, who is only in her first season on “DWTS,” said she too has been on the receiving end of such personal attacks.

“Everybody gets criticized. If you are on TV, people just feel the need to attack you,” Lacey, Lance Bass’ “DWTS” partner, said. “I get called fat, I get called all these things. It honestly doesn’t matter to me. If I feel fit and I feel healthy, that’s all it really matters.”

And Cheryl subscribes to the same ideal.

“Look, I’m not Hollywood. I am not a model, OK? And I don’t want to be a size 0,” Cheryl stated. “This is my body, I feel comfortable in it and I love it. And I want other women out there to love themselves as well.”

The comments hurt Cheryl, but they really affected her “DWTS” partner Maurice Greene, who saw red when he read them.

“Me and Cheryl have spent a lot of time together and we have a great relationship and I’m very protective of her,” he said. “When they first started I didn’t really say anything to her cause I didn’t want to hurt her anymore… I just try to lift up her spirit as much as I can and just make her have fun and try to forget about everything.”

But keeping Cheryl positive has been more than Maurice’s mission.

“My family, my boys, everybody was calling her and telling her she looked great and don’t he worrying about that stuff,” he said. “I think she looks great and you know what? As long as she feels good, that’s the only thing that matters really.”

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