Danny Trejo & Robert Rodriguez On ‘Machete’ & Lindsay Lohan’s Mind-Blowing Role

Lindsay Lohan’s “Machete” performance is mind-blowing, the film’s leading man told Access Hollywood on Thursday.

“She’s awesome,” Danny Trejo, who stars at the title character in the Robert Rodriguez film, told Access’ Scott “Movie” Mantz at the San Diego Comic-Con International. “She was just great to work with. I’ve known her since she was about 15 years old and she just brought it. When you see it, it’s going to blow your mind.”

Danny also added that her current jail sentence is a necessary break for the actress.

“Lindsay’s going to be all right. I think LA County and that judge, I think they just did an intervention on her,” Danny explained. “Just because she needs time to regroup, that’s it. We’ve all got to work our own path and she has to make sure she’s on the right one. She’s going to bounce back, she’s a trooper.”

Lindsay was “fantastic to work with,” director Robert Rodriguez added. “She lights up the screen… I’d definitely work with her again… she’s just got this quality, you can’t stop talking about her or thinking about her.”

In addition to Lindsay, Danny stars with a bevy of beauties in the film, as well as actors including Robert De Niro and Steven Seagal.

“I was kissing Jessica Alba, shoot me now! Michelle Rodriguez jumps in bed with me, I’m like, kill me twice,” Danny said of the lucky casting.

“Danny’s worked with most of these people,” Robert explained of how they landed the all-star cast. “Seagal’s killed him a few times in his movies… They read the script and it was very fun, they all got to do parts they don’t normally get to play.”

“Machete” is due September 3, the month the director will star on his next project – another “Spy Kids” film.

“So many people are doing reboots, I thought I should reboot my own franchise,” he laughed.

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