Dean McDermott Explains Cash Flow Vasectomy Woes

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are so strapped for cash that Dean couldn’t afford to get a vasectomy. On Friday, Dean sat down with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush where he explained what’s really going on.

“I came from nothing so when you’re successful and get a little cash, you go a little crazy,” the father of five told Billy.

In Tori’s new book, “Spelling It Like It Is,” she wrote about the couple’s dire financial situation and how their money manager put the kybosh on the procedure. (Tori wanted Dean to get a reversible vasectomy.)

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“I went to [a] particular doctor because he’s the best at [vasectomy] reversals and he doesn’t take insurance and the estimate was pretty high,” Dean explained. “We told the business manager and he’s like, ‘That’s a lot, that’s a lot.’ So I didn’t pursue it.”

Tori — who nearly died during pregnancy with their fourth child — hails from the ridiculously wealthy Spelling dynasty, the late Aaron and mom Candy. So, why are they so hard up for cash?

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“If things got bad, can’t you just call Candy, as part of the Spellings? You’re not gonna be on the street when the grandparents, the grandmother has this fortune. Isn’t there always a backup?” Billy asked.

“No, because we work really hard for everything that we have and it’s Candy’s money and you can’t dictate to someone how to spend it,” Dean replied. “We always do for ourselves”

To help make ends meet, Dean is pursuing a dream of his by writing a cookbook that’s due out in the spring titled, “The Gourmet Dad: Food, Family, Fun.”

“The book is about making wonderful meals for adults, then using the same ingredients and a few omissions and a few tips, plating tricks, to make it kid friendly,” Dean said.

In the meantime, Billy suggested Dean start an online campaign to fund his vasectomy.

“Billy, I really appreciate your concern for my junk, but we will not be crowd funding,” Dean said with a laugh.

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