Debbie Reynolds Talks Taking Kids Todd & Carrie Fisher To Party With Mick Jagger In 1974

Throughout her career, Debbie Reynolds was known for her clean cut image, so it comes as a big surprise that while performing in London in 1974, Debbie took daughter Carrie Fisher, and 16-year-old son Todd Fisher to a party hosted by Mick Jagger.

“America’s Sweetheart in his hotel room. What went down?” Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover asked the living legend.

“Mick was there, and he came over to me and he said, ‘Don’t let them go upstairs because, really, it’s nothing that the children should see!’” Debbie recounted.

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Asked what was going on upstairs, Debbie dropped a big hint.

“You know, that stuff, it’s white stuff,” Debbie said. “And it’s not snow, but it does give you a different feeling.”

Despite the adult scene, Debbie said her children enjoyed the soiree.

“Well, anyway. We had a wonderful time,” she told Kit. “The kids had a great time and Todd… my son, who was just a young boy… he met a wonderful girl there and she stayed with us three weeks… Well, actually I invited her because I thought it would be a great way to introduce Todd to…“

“Sex?” Kit asked.

“Sex. Yes,” Debbie said.

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Debbie said the woman – whose name happened to be Elizabeth — was a bombshell.

“She was beautiful. She was about 26 years old,” Debbie continued. “She was gorgeous. She looked like Bridget Bardot. She just thought Todd was delicious. Well, I shouldn’t put it that way, she thought he was cute. And so I said, ‘Well, why don’t you stay over?’ We were at the Savoy Hotel. So she said, ‘I’ll come over tomorrow.’

“The next day, she came and she stayed,” Debbie added.

“For three weeks?” Kit asked.


Debbie shares more stories in her new memoir, “Unsinkable,” out now.

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