Denise Richards' New Reality To Showcase Personal Pain

Much of Denise Richards’ private life became an open book during her divorce from Charlie Sheen and her subsequent relationship with Richie Sambora.

But Denise is getting ready to reveal even more of herself on her new E! reality show. In part two of our exclusive interview, Denise opened up about Richie, her former friendship with Heather Locklear – and the death of her mother.

“Nothing can prepare you for death. It’s the worst thing I ever had to go through,” Denise told Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell. “I thought my divorce was hard. This is just 100 times harder.”

An emotionally raw Denise will face the cameras for her new reality show – just two months after her mother lost her battle with cancer.

“When the cameras start rolling, you will still be dealing with the pain. Will that be shown in the show?” Nancy asked.

“If I can help anyone that has lost someone, especially through cancer, I would like to do that,” Denise explained. “She will definitely be talked about and how we are dealing with it.”

Denise’s father, who was with her mom for 37 years, has moved in with Denise since his wife’s passing and will be featured on the show, along with Denise’s two and three-year-old daughters, Lola and Sam.

“How much of a role will they play on the show?” Nancy asked about Denise’s daughters.

“I am a single mom and I am very hands-on with my kids so I can’t do a show without the kids at all,” Denise replied.

“What have you told them about the show?” Nancy asked.

“I asked them if they wanted to be on TV and Sam said, ‘Yes!” Denise laughed. “My girls have been around it so much. They love the makeup. They love the hair. They love all of that. I understand why people are judgmental right away saying, ‘How could she have her kids on the show?’ But as long as they’re protected, I feel that they’ll be OK.”

And while Denise was comfortable with her kids on TV, her ex-husband felt differently. In fact, Charlie Sheen actually went to court to try and prevent his daughters from being on-air. The motion was denied, but added another chapter to the couple’s messy – and very public – divorce.

“There has been a lot of negative press. Do you hope it will help people see the real Denise?” Nancy asked her.

“There has definitely been a lot of negative things written about me and going through my divorce. You know, I don’t want to do a bunch of interviews and start mud-slinging with my ex. He’s still their dad. I would like an opportunity for people to see who I am,” Denise explained.

After her split from Charlie, Denise took some of her harshest criticism for her relationship with Richie Sambora – the ex-husband of her former friend, Heather Locklear.

“Honestly I knew that situation wasn't going to go over very well and it was going to be in the press. I had no idea it would blow up the way it did,” Denise admitted. “The truth of the matter is my friendship with Heather ended before Richie and I even started dating. That’s one thing I don’t know if people knew or not. I never had an affair. I never cheated on Charlie and Richie never cheated on Heather. If I was still friends with Heather, I would have never crossed that line with Richie at all.”

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