Denise Richards On The Record

After her contentious divorce from Charlie Sheen and dating her friend’s (Heather Locklear) ex-husband (Richie Sambora), it’s safe to say Denise Richards is no stranger to trouble.

But as you’ll see in her upcoming reality show, Denise isn’t shy about any of it. Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell found that out first hand when she sat down with Denise for a candid interview.

“You were criticized for your relationship with Richie, to put it mildly” Nancy noted.

“Criticized? Yeah, slightly,” Denise sheepishly grinned.

“Have you reached out to Heather [Locklear]? Will that be part of the show?” Nancy asked.

“Yes, Heather is going to be the first guest on my show,” Denise laughed. “Uh, no.”

Able to laugh after what can only be described as a difficult and tumultuous couple of years, this summer Denise will be airing it all on her own E! reality show – and we mean everything!

“Well, I’ll be honest because people will know. Um, I have 10 dogs,” Denise revealed. “Yeah, after I got my divorce… Charlie didn’t like a whole lot of dogs.”

“Is this why you got your divorce?” Nancy joked. “He didn’t love your dogs?”

“No, he loves dogs – just a small amount of them and I’ve always wanted a lot,” she replied.

Consider it mission accomplished.

But Denise’s pet parade doesn’t stop there – add to that two guinea pigs and two pot-bellied pigs.

“So we’re going to see your pigs in the show. And we’re going to see your dogs in the show. How about a fella?” Nancy inquired.

“I have a fella that I’m seeing,” Denise revealed. “His name is George.”

“George Clooney?” Nancy jokingly asked.

“No, that would be nice,” Denise laughed.

And once the cameras start rolling on her as-of-yet untitled reality show, George, the pets, Denise’s two daughters and the actress herself will all be in a permanent spotlight. So is Denise ready for that kind of attention?

“Did it take a lot of convincing?” Nancy asked her.

“Well, Ryan is very charming and very convincing,” Denise smiled.

That would Ryan Seacrest – who asked Denise to do the show, as his company will be producing it. But the “Idol” host’s charm isn’t the only reason Denise is on board.

“I want people to see what I'm really like and then judge for themselves,” Denise concluded. “And then if they still hate me then, that's their choice.”

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