Denzel On Whitney: ‘I’m Praying For Her’

LOS ANGELES (October 28, 2006) — In his new film, ?Déjà vu,? Denzel Washington plays an ATF agent who uses flashes of déjà vu to guide himself through an investigation into a shattering crime in New Orleans.

But when Denzel sat down with Access Hollywood?s Shaun Robinson to talk about his new film, he also opened up about his dear friend and former co-star Whitney Houston.

?I?m covering the Carousel of Hope ball tonight and Clive Davis is coming and bringing Whitney Houston as his date,? Shaun told Denzel.

?That?s my girl,? Washington smiled.

Denzel beamed when he talked about Whitney?s possible comeback. The two starred together in the 1996 romantic drama ?The Preacher?s Wife.?

?I?ve talked with Whitney a few times since I was in New Orleans. She?s made a decision to turn her life around and I?m just praying for her. She?s been clean and clear for months now and I just know she?s going to explode,? Denzel said. ?People love her. She?s one of the greatest voices of her generation and she?s had a rough life. She?s on the right path and I just pray she continues on that path.?

Whitney separated from long-time husband Bobby Brown in September. She officially filed for a ?dissolution of marriage? on October 16.

?I?ve seen her recently and she looks great,? Shaun noted.

?Rosy little cheeks and stuff,? Denzel said.

?That brings such a smile to your face,? Shaun said. ?You must have been heartbroken when she was going through her troubles.?

?Well, we all go through some things in life. As they say, ?There?s no testimony without a test.? So she has one and I as I said, I pray and I believe she?s going to come through. Clive knows it. He?s no dummy. He?s right there and probably in the studio making great music.?

?Maybe we?ll do some duets and ruin her career,? Denzel laughed.

?Déjà vu,? starring Denzel Washington and Jim Caviezel hits theaters November 22.

‘Deja Vu’ Junket - Denzel Washington
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