Dexter: 5 Bloody Questions For The Series Finale

After eight seasons, “Dexter” will finally come to an end this Sunday when the series finale airs – but after dozens – if not, hundreds – of deaths at the hands (and knives) of Dexter Morgan, we’re still left with questions about how it will all go down… and who will be left standing!

(Spoilers ahead – if you’re not caught up!)

5. Will Dexter leave Miami for Argentina with his fellow serial killer girlfriend Hannah McKay and son Harrison? We’d be surprised if his bid to be become an ex-pat is successful and doesn’t become a blood-splattered mess as Hannah is being hunted by authorities. Plus, we can’t imagine sister Deb Morgan letting her only family slip away so easily. Prediction: Argentina won’t have a new serial killer resident.

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4. Will Deb finally find love? Deb has had almost as many boyfriends as Dexter has had victims. But now that she appears to be rekindling he romance with Det. Quinn, is her dry spell about to end? Given Deb’s horrible track record for guys (remember when she revealed she was romantically interested in her adopted brother?!), we unfortunately do not see Deb with Quinn behind a white picket fence. Prediction: Deb’s curse-filled single life will continue.

3. Will Dexter’s urge to kill resurface for good? In recent episodes, Dexter hasn’t been offing people like he used to, now that he’s found love with Hannah. He even tried to spare a killer, Zach, this season and teach him Harry’s Code. But does a serial killer ever stop suddenly being a killer? Prediction: Dexter’s deadly instincts will be back with a vengeance!

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2. Will Dexter die? Will one of TV’s deadliest characters finally get what he’s been dishing? On one hand, having Dexter die during the final episode would bring the show full circle (maybe at the hands of Deb?). Or will Dexter be forced to go on the run, or even worse, take out even more people in order to avoid being exposed… we’re looking at you Deb! Prediction: Dexter won’t die, but we’re thinking someone close to him will.

1. Will Dexter’s secret be exposed? With an entire show centered around a serial killer hiding as a blood splatter analyst, we can’t help but think in his final hours on the small screen, Dexter will be exposed. Many fans grumbling about how the show has been stumbling in the last few seasons would welcome the jolt of this plot twist. But given the overwhelming amount of times Dexter has avoided being caught – or been able to solve his own seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we doubt the world will know just how many bodies are at the bottom of that bay. Prediction: Dexter’s secret will remain a secret – at least to those he hasn’t knifed!

Catch the series finale of “Dexter” on Sunday at 9 PM on Showtime.

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