Dexter Stars Dish On New Season; Jennifer Carpenter Weighs In On Deb’s Brotherly Desires

“Dexter” fans were left with mouths gaping at the end of Season 6, as Deborah Morgan (played by Jennifer Carpenter) found brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall) plunging a sword into the Doomsday Killer’s chest. So how will the characters handle this stunning twist in the new season?

“It was, like, knife-in-chest, Debra sees it, reset-button-on-the-show. Everything is suddenly reframed, recontextualized, more complicated and more layered, not just for the audience but for us as actors,” Michael told TV Guide Magazine.

Jennifer is glad the fans will see the Morgan siblings in this very complicated situation.

“The audience deserves this — they’ve earned it,” she said, when asked about the first episode – debuting Sunday on Showtime at 9 PM.

And her character won’t be following Dexter as he travels down his “dark passenger” journey of killing other serial killers.

“I didn’t want anything contrived this time. I didn’t want Deb to become a Lumen or Prado or Lila, where I stand alongside Dexter and pick up a knife,” she continued. “And nobody wants ‘This season: Dexter on trial.’ I just wanted it to be honest and believable.”

And speaking of believability, how did Jennifer react to last season’s reveal that Deb is actually in love with her (adopted) brother?

“Was I icked out by Debra’s romantic feelings for Dexter?” she told the mag. “Well, yes and no. From the pilot episode, Dexter and Deb have had this awesome connection, so it didn’t feel out of left field.”

And judging from Jennifer’s reaction (and most of the audience), it doesn’t appear that Deb and Dexter will be taking the development to a romantic place.

“I just don’t want it to go any further. I don’t think audiences do, either,” she continued. “If it does, I’m heading straight to therapy and sending the bills to Showtime.”

-- Jesse Spero

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