Did ‘Die Hard’ Promo Stunt Leave Bruce Bloody?

NEW YORK, NY (June 26, 2007) — As Bruce Willis lay bloody and motionless on a New York sidewalk Monday, fans were left wondering if the actor had finally taken a “Die Hard” stunt too far. But alas, it was all in good fun as Bruce performed a stunt on “Late Show with David Letterman.”As seen in the video below, Willis took a flying leap that would make his movie character, John McClane, proud.Although he didn’t quite “make the mark” with his stunt, Willis’ courage in the face of certain death is something to be admired!In fact, he was so full of courage as he leapt off the building, his body barely showed the slightest twitch as he plummeted multiple stories.

And what’s a little “blood” to a man of steel like Bruce, anyway?“I might’ve landed a little long,” he conceded, as he was helped up off the pavement. Miraculously, it was only his pride that was hurt.“Yippee Kay Yay,” indeed!“Live Free or Die Hard” opens in theaters tomorrow.

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