Did The Stars Predict The Dempsey-Washington Scuffle?

Los Angeles (October 30, 2006) — The scuffle between Isaiah Washington (LEO) and Patrick Dempsey (CAPRICORN) is surprising, because neither Isaiah nor Patrick have astrology charts that point to their getting physical. That said, the charts indicate that both men can be sharp-tongued and catty, in particular Patrick, who is naturally the more critical of the two.

Patrick is more sensitive, and he is probably the more refined, astrologically speaking. Patrick does, however, dig deep when he wants to and would know just how to [ush Isaiah’s buttons.

Isaiah, on the other hand, has chart configurations that point to him always feeling a little different from those around him, kind of an odd-man-out sort of thing, so he was probably an easy target for Patrick.

As for the clash happening on October 9, 2006, Mercury and Mars were forming a square aspect that day, a classic signature for sharp words, but also a signal that the relationship was changing — which it did.

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