Dish Of Salt: A Bloody Good Time At Spike TV’s ‘SCREAM 2010’!

There is just one awards show every year where designer duds and perfectly gorgeous glowy skin are frowned upon in favor of capes, costumes, vampire fangs, dripping blood and zombie like skin. That award show is Spike TV’s “SCREAM” (aka: The Scream Awards).

There is a reason it’s held in October, just a couple of weeks shy of Halloween - it’s the perfect precursor to the annual spookfest holiday. OK, well truthfully it’s only the fans that bust out their best costumes for the event. The celebrities favor those aforementioned designer duds… like Halle Berry who presented in a sequined gold strapless mini dress. Although, I got to give it up for presenter Bill Murray who showed up in his old Ghostbusters costume!

I can also tell you that there is a reason they call this the Scream Awards. It is by far the loudest award show in the world. Two days later, my ears are still ringing from the crowd of fans sitting across from my red carpet position. Of course, I love to give them what they want. So every time I interviewed a famous celebrity “vampire,” I had them give the crowd a little wave and shout out, which made them scream even louder! It was vampire gridlock on the red carpet with stars from
all the hot franchises - “True Blood,” “Twilight” and “The Vampire Diaries” all bumping into each other.

“Twilight’s” Jackson Rathbone - aka Jasper Cullen - revealed that the next installment of the film franchise is in pre-production down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also has several other projects in the works.

Check out what he is up to in our interview HERE.

Though we will have to wait until next summer for the return of “True Blood,” filming of their fourth season begins just over a month from now. Fortunately, I was able to dig up a few spoilers about the new season from some cast members. I can tell you that witches are coming to Bon Temps, but how much trouble will they brew up? Get your early scoop by checking out the interviews HERE.

The big moment of the night came when the show celebrated the 25th anniversary of “Back to the Future,” by reuniting its stars, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Backstage, I had the honor of chatting with Michael where he admitted it seemed more like yesterday he was filming the movie than two decades ago. Universal recently released a special
edition DVD and the Internet was buzzing over the footage released of actor Eric Stoltz, who originally was cast as Marty McFly. He had shot for five weeks before being replaced by Michael. It’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it and are a fan of the film. Check out Eric in the film HERE.

A gracious Michael had only lovely things to say about Eric, but he did reveal some interesting facts about what went down when he took over the role. Turns out some parts of Eric actually remain in the film! Plus, would he ever do another installment of the franchise? Check out our interview HERE.

The Scream Awards are also a chance to honor the comic book and sci-fi genre. You may not know the name Chris Hemsworth now, but I promise you will come next May when his film “Thor” hits theaters. I got a sneak peak at the film’s action figure, which will hit stores next March.

Backstage I had a chance to show the photo to the handsome (and very tall!) Aussie actor. Check out his reaction HERE.

Finally, the show was the first public appearance for David Arquette since announcing his split with wife Courteney Cox Arquette. David joined his “Scream 4” co-stars Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts and creator Wes Craven on stage to introduce a sneak peak at footage from the upcoming film. David smartly kept his mouth shut near the media but his co-stars did address the breakup as respectfully as possible. Watch their reactions HERE.

The “SCREAM 2010” airs tomorrow (Tuesday) night on Spike TV.

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