Dish Of Salt: Emmy Blog Part II (Backstage & HBO After Party)

12:35 - And that’s a wrap on Emmy’s ‘09

12:15 - The stunning Mariska Hargitay arrives and is immediately accosted by Andre Leon Talley for a photo. At the same time Chevy Chase sneaks out of the party.

11:51 - Jane Krakowski arrives and chats with Kathy Griffin.

11:50 - Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz arrives to the HBO party. He’s yummy.

11:00 - Nia Vardalos steps on my train. She apologizes and I tell her, “Nia Vardalos you can step on my train any day.”

10:30 - AnnaLynne McCord hits the dance floor with her look-a-like sisters. She’s wearing a very, very short dress where you can almost see her lady parts!

10:16 – All at once I spot Anne Heche, Kate Walsh, Gabriel Byrne, Chevy Chase and an entire table of “True Blood” cast members enjoying the festivities.

10:00 - Arrive to the party and walk the red carpet only to be outshined when Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick arrive moments later. I wind up sitting and grabbing some food and they are at the table next to me.

9:25 - The driver picks me up and cracks me up with hysterical stories about when he drove Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson on various assignments. Juicy stuff that I shall respectively keep to myself.

8:45 - Hair and makeup touchups and then its off to the HBO party!

8:06 - Toni Collette comes into the gift lounge clutching her Emmy trophy. Kevin Dillon comes in with his gal at the same time. Vanessa Williams comes in with I think the actor who plays Adrian’s dad on “Secret Life Of The American Teenager.” Her new beau?

8:00 – Mary-Louise Parker from “Weeds” hits the gift lounge. Love her! Their season finale this year was brilliant.

7:18 - I spot Chris O’Donnell backstage getting ready to go onstage.

7:15 - Back at the theater door where celebs are gathered I see Jim Parsons. I tell him how sad I am he lost and he said, “That’s OK we have other years.” I tell him it was obviously the hex Alec Baldwin put on him. He agrees!

7:00 - I walk back upstairs only to pass Kevin Dillon again. I see Maksim Chmerkovsky in a tuxedo and tell him I like the look he had earlier (no shirt). He says he likes that look better too. I head outside to get some cell service. A fashion expert from that other show tells me I look like a movie star! So sweet. A few minutes later Christina Applegate leaves the theater. Some fans ask for a photo and she obliges.

6:45 - Kristen Chenowith comes into the gift lounge. She’s not feeling well and complains of a migraine headache. She sits for awhile and then paramedics come to check on her.

6:29 – OK, random Emmy moment of the decade. I just walked by Maksim Chmerkovsky’s dressing room. He was sitting there shirtless staring at himself in the mirror! I popped in to say hello and stole a carrot from his vegetable plate.

6:00 - I arrive at the Lipton VitaliTea Gift Lounge backstage where “Dexter’s” Michael Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are shopping. Charlie Sheen comes in with his wife and the four chat together for a few minutes before they shop. His wife Brooke seems to do most of the shopping while Charlie hangs back.

5:50 - So the best place to hang out is apparently the stage left door. While waiting for a commercial break so they can head back to their seats I spot Drew Barrymore hanging out with her beau, Justin Long. Long then chats with Olivia Wilde from “House.” Sally Field is deep in conversation with Shirley MacLean. “‘Mad Men’s’ Jon Slattery waits for his wife who is in the bathroom. Rob Lowe comes over to shake his hand and says to him “you’re killing it!” Jason Segal grabs a drink and when he returns he says hello to Fred Armisen and meets his fiancé, “Mad Men’s” Elizabeth Moss. Amy Poehler shares her husband Will Arnett’s water. Jon Hamm also shares a water with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfelt. They are so cute together. Despite being together over ten years they still seem so in love and hold hands the whole time as they chat with Will. Kiefer Sutherland arrives just in time for the doors to finally open.

5:45 - I head down to the backstage area and Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connelly walk by me followed by Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her boyfriend Jerry Fererra.

5:03 - Finally got to my seat inside the show. Last year I was sitting behind the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” This year I’m sitting with the seat fillers in the back. I decide to ditch after Jim Parson loses to Alec Baldwin. Noooooo!!!! Must have been the hex Alec put on him worked.

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